Shrinking Expectations – When Your Wee-Wee Starts to Wither

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Penis Enlargement Causes: low testosterone Symptoms: penis shrinkage Age: 36 - 55

A man is concerned about his rapidly dwindling penis. He tries to blame it on cold weather, but this excuse shrivels up when he and his wife are in their warm bed, much like his member.

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I am a 42-year-old man. I’ve lived a healthy life, and while I may have smoked and have drank too much in my youth, I am in great shape with no ailing conditions. While I am grateful for my health, I am not too happy about my current shrinkage problem. I’d like to blame the cold weather and even colder water from my shriveled state, but in the bedroom, that excuse rarely works. I want to reverse the shrinkage to give my wife a happier love life. I want to enjoy sex again. I want to wake up and see my penis returned to its normal size. Please help me reverse my penis size before it turns into a toddler penis!


Jack was considered to be a pretty handsome 54 year old graying, slightly overweight man…at least that’s what one of his female relatives had told him recently. He was a self-made man with a pretty good income, and had worked hard at his business. He was happily single and hadn’t taken himself on a real vacation in ages due; but that was about to change.
After booking a first-class ticket for Brazil, he flew right on down and spent his first night at a posh hotel. The next morning, he threw on some beach clothes and headed down to the lobby for a few mimosas in order to prepare for the “big bootie Brazilian babes” which he so lusted after.
Jack hit the beach in full scan-mode, noticing numerous large rumps of various colors and shapes right away. He swaggered up to a beach bar, plopped himself down next to a pretty Brazilian woman with all of the large assets he desired, and commenced to attempt to charm her after buying her a drink.

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She seemed hesitant to talk to him at first, but after catching a glimpse a couple of the hundred dollar bills in his wallet, she suddenly seemed fascinated by him. As he led her back to his hotel room he bragged to her about his famous “rump ranger” skills and she laughed.
Jack had been proud of himself; he’d lasted 30 minutes in bed with her before finally exploding…or rather trickling, all over the place. As she exited his room she told him that she’d barely been able to feel anything at all.
He lifted the bed sheet and looked down at his shrunken penis…he could no longer deny that it was only about half the size as it was only 20 years ago. He swore to himself that he’d do something about it!
A Gradual Decline
Just like Jack, many men experience a smaller penis due to age. Many times, this is due to a natural loss of testosterone over the course of a man’s life. By the time men hit 80 years of age, they only have about half of the testosterone that they did at age 30. Half. That’s a big difference. So how can men make gains in their testosterone levels?
Vitamin D – Who Would Have Thought?
One excellent way of raising those dropping testosterone levels is by making sure that your body is getting enough vitamin D intake. (SEE: How Age Is Affecting Your Size) People in the United States are currently not getting enough vitamin D (severe deficiency), mainly because they’re simply not getting enough sun throughout the day. There are some foods that can help to mitigate that, however.
A few food tips for high vitamin D intake:
  • Low fat milk is not only a great source of protein and vitamin D, but also calcium, which keeps those bones from getting brittle as people age
  • Wild-caught (not farm-raised) salmon has the highest concentration of vitamin D than any other food – and it tastes great!
  • Light tuna fish (which has less mercury) is another fish high in “the D,” while also being easy to both prepare and store
  • Pork; only 6 ounces of pork contains half of your entire daily dose of vitamin D – just make sure you’re eating the lean stuff
  • Free range egg yolks are packed with nutrients (much more than egg whites) including vitamin D, but for some strange reason they’ve been given a bad rap due containing cholesterol, which actually helps to increase low testosterone
I hope that these suggestions get you on your way to so that you don’t end up sadly looking down under the sheet like Jack was!



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