She’s Hornier Than He Is! His Sexual Midlife Crisis is Driving Her Away

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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Men's Low Sex Drive Causes: testosterone imbalance Age: 36 - 55

He’s hit middle age, and his sexual desire has completely dropped off. He doesn’t initiate sex with his wife any more, and she’s not happy about it. He doesn’t see it as a problem, but is willing to make some changes as long as they’re not too involved. What can he do?

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I’ve really been uninterested in sex lately, and it’s got my wife worrying. I don’t know what the problem is, but ever since I hit my fifties, I’ve lost almost all desire for sex. If my wife initiates, I can usually respond, but I just don’t have that need for sex anymore. My wife sees it as a big problem, but it doesn’t bother me as much as you’d think. Is there any way to change my lack of sex drive in a way that isn’t too invasive?


Fear not, it’s very common for men in your age group to start to feel a dampening of their sex drive. Unfortunately, it can leave women feeling left out, especially if there’s more than a couple years age gap. Menopause for women can begin as early as thirty-five, but in some women it doesn’t start until their mid-forties, and if they begin hormone replacement therapy, their sex drive might not even suffer a dip.
Sudden Stop
And speaking of menopause, you’re going through some hormonal upheaval of your own. Andropause is the correct term for the period a man undergoes when he begins producing less sex hormones. And because men rely almost exclusively on testosterone for sex, the loss of it can prove quite drastic in diverse ways. For example, you’ve lost your sex drive—a not uncommon result of the lack of testosterone. However, imagine a man who hasn’t lost his desire, but was instead suffering from the inability to form an erection. I think you’re doing a little better than most here.

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I Need My T
Testosterone controls all aspects of male sexuality—from erection to ejaculation. It also controls the mental aspects of male sexuality: arousal, pursuit, initiative, and so on. It’s the loss of this hormone that’s got you not so hot under the collar. Luckily for you, testosterone is a fairly easy hormone to reintegrate into the male body—much easier than it is to reintroduce into the female one—so the simplest solution for you is to find a way to increase your testosterone levels again.
Not So Fast
Now, I wouldn’t suggest starting off with a straight hormone supplement. These work quickly, but can have negative interactions with some medications, and can cause mood swings and other unpleasant side effects. What I think you’ll benefit most from is an herbal treatment.
Rock and Roll
One, which is quite powerful, but easily incorporated, is Shilajit. This matter is found in Himalayas, scattered among the rocks, and when raw is a thick, sticky substance high in amino acids and vitamins. (TRY: Shilajit for Testosteron Boosting Sex Drive) It contains high levels of antioxidants, and is touted to also assist mental processes as well. It is used extensively to treat premature ejaculation and impotence, due to its power ability to increase androgenic activity.
More Than You Think
I think a Shilajit supplement could be just the thing you’re looking for. It has a variety of beneficial attributes, but is easily ingested and has no side effects. Besides improving your sex life, it will counteract many of the other notable negative issues of andropause—essentially restoring you your youth. Don’t let hormones get you down, help yourself with this helpful herb.

What to do

Shilajit: The Testosterone Balancer

Testosterone acts as the primary sex hormone among men. Read more
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Ronak1 posted on Sat, 01/02/2016 - 14:49
I have a injury on my penis After sex Is this normal ?? Or about to worry!


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