She Experiences Unwelcome Spotting Because of Her Birth Control

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She has been on the pill for more than nine months and has questions about brown vaginal discharge. She doesn’t understand why, after such a long time, she still experiences this symptom. It is the result of a hormonal imbalance caused by her birth control and can be controlled with an herbal detoxification formula.

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I have been reading a lot of articles on birth control causing brown discharge because for the past three weeks, I have been having this. It seems that everyone asking about this problem has only had it a few days, and that they just started taking the pill. But I’ve been on the pill for over nine months. Is it irregular this is just starting now?


Birth control contains synthetic hormones that upset your body’s internal balance. Since the introduction of Enovid in 1960 - the first oral contraceptive available in the United States - more than 100 different varieties have been produced and sold. Side effects associated with birth control were numerous throughout the 1960s and 1970s because of high doses of estrogen and progesterone. Drug manufacturers lowered the doses and thus developed safer medications. 
Oral contraceptives are today considered safe and effective means of pregnancy prevention. However, they still pose unpleasant side effects that demonstrate their interference with natural bodily functions. One of the chief complaints many women have is brown discharge. This normally dissipates after three or four months, but it has been known to persist in some women.
How the Pill Prevents Pregnancy
Oral contraceptives prevent pregnancy by stopping ovulation. Combination pills that contain synthetic blends of oestrogen and progestin keep the ovaries from releasing an egg during ovulation. Without an egg, there’s nothing in the body for sperm to fertilize, and pregnancy is therefore impossible.
Progestin also functions on two other levels to ensure pregnancy does not occur. It increases the thickness of cervical mucus so sperm cannot easily move in the female body. In addition, if an egg was to become fertilized, it would have no place to rest and grow because progestin makes the uterus an inhospitable place. These functions are not fail-safe, but they afford a woman between 96 and 99 percent protection from pregnancy.
Discharge from Hormones
The efficacy of birth control is a result of its ingredients – synthetic hormones. Unfortunately, those chemicals also upset the body’s internal hormonal balance. Naturally occurring estrogen and progesterone offset each other to help the female body operate at optimal level. That balance is necessary for reproductive health and ensuring regular monthly periods. Adding synthetic hormones, however, interferes with that balance and throws the body off-kilter to cause spotting and brown discharge.
Brown discharge is the body’s reaction to hormonal imbalances. Just as oral contraceptives change the environment of the cervix, they also change the uterine lining. This is also intended to discourage pregnancy. One side effect of this, however, is that the lining occasionally becomes too thin to remain in place until menstruation occurs. It therefore sloughs off and is expelled by the body around the time of ovulation, or mid-cycle. It can also be expelled at other times of the month to cause the spotting, or breakthrough bleeding, you experience. 
Detoxify Your Body
Side effects of the pill are often described as “normal” and “no cause for concern.” But this doesn’t mean you have to live with embarrassing and uncomfortable problems like spotting. What you need is an herbal detoxification formula that will help your body eliminate a build-up of toxins from birth control use. 
Herbs have been used by numerous cultures for thousands of years to promote reproductive and sexual health. (SEE: Vaginal Herbal Detoxification Formula) Particular ingredients like Fenugreek and Mexican Wild Yam help the liver work more efficiently and therefore metabolize the hormones in your body. The liver is responsible for metabolizing many hormones so the body can use them as needed. Improving this process will reduce the likelihood of spotting and return your body to a more stable state.

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