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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Women's Orgasm Difficulty Symptoms: clitoral insensitivity Age: 18 - 35

Woman cannot orgasm with partner, no matter how great he is in bed. She feels her body prohibits her from reaching orgasm. Why can’t she find orgasm in any partner?

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What does great sex and a great story have in common? A great climax. Well, unfortunately, I do not climax. It’s not that my partner cannot make me climax; it’s that my body prevents me from climaxing. No matter how well-endowed my partner is or how excellent his technique may be, I cannot orgasm. Please help me find out why!


Well, darlin’, my first question for you is: do you ever practice on your own? In your letter, you mention that you can’t orgasm with a partner, but you say nothing of your own experimentation. It is vital that you discover your own pleasure points before attempting to rely on another to trigger them.
Aside from hands on experience, the your best bet is to begin an herbal course designed to increase circulation in your genital region—which will give you better sensation and better sexual response. The more blood flow there is to the area, the larger the surface area becomes and the more nerve endings are exposed to sensation.
Female Anatomy 101
So, let’s begin at the beginning. Most females find the most sexual pleasure through clitoral stimulation. The clitoris is the female expression of the penis—it has the most nerve endings per square inch of anywhere else in your genital area. It is located at the foremost region of the vulva, and is hooded with a skin cover, unless you’ve been the unfortunate recipient of female genital mutilation type 1a.
Get Down and Dirty
During sexual arousal, the clitoris engorges with blood and becomes more than usually sensitive. Without proper blood flow, the clitoris will not engorge, and it is similar to a male with erectile dysfunction—there is sensation, but not as much as desired. Try different methods of contact on this sensitive area. Try pulling back the hood. See if continued stimulation brings you to where you’d like to be, even if you have to push through it the first time.

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Gee, that Feels Swell!
Besides the actual clitoris itself, the G-spot is a purported interior extension of the nerve endings of the clitoris, and many women find intense satisfaction through the stimulation of that region as well. It is common for a woman to find more vaginal pleasure through G-spot stimulation, than through non-G-spot penetration alone, as the vagina is most sensitive in the first 3 inches from the vaginal opening, and those nerve endings are not nearly so sensitive as those located in the clitoris, or the alleged G-spot.
The G-spot, if it exists, is thought to be located on the front wall of the vagina, about two inches up. It’s not normally able to be distinguished from the vaginal wall; it’s more of a sensitive area, rather than an actual outcropping. When you have located your G-spot, you will know it by the sensation of an urge to urinate. It sounds horrible, but vaginal orgasms from G-spot stimulation are supposedly the strongest a woman can have.
Tips and Tricks
What I recommend is to learn about your body and what you like. Take it slow. Try different implements, with different textures and temperatures. Don’t stress. Women with high cortisol levels subsequently tested lower for arousal, satisfaction, and orgasm frequency in one study.
Up Your Sensation
Begin a natural course designed to increase circulation, like I recommended above. The saying goes, “God helps her who helps herself”. This, I feel, should be your motto. Discover yourself first, then you’ll be able to better direct a lover. This formula will certainly help your sensation, and with your findings on pleasure, you’ll surely be having orgasms in no time. (SEE: Natural Clitoral Regeneration Formula)

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