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By Sasha Johnson Conditions: Women's Female Sexual Exhaustion Age: 36 - 55

Learn how this woman feels tired and weak after sex instead of energized and ready to take on the world.

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I need your help. This is about my wife. She is fifty-three years old. Every Saturday and Sunday morning we have sexual relations. The problem is after my wife has a strong orgasm, about an hour after, she gets very weak, tired, and irritable. Please help.


A lot of us have probably heard of sexual exhaustion, but most of the time this term is only associated with men. In actuality, anyone can experience these symptoms no matter what your gender is.If a woman engages in too much sexual activity including digital masturbation, sexual intercourse, or masturbation with the help of a vibrator, it can harm women.
Sexed Out
As women, we must be aware of such things and careful not to sexually over-stimulate ourselves. If we fail to take matters into our own hands we could easily end up with sexual exhaustion of the female persuasion, which could bring about some seriously painful symptoms.
There are actually a lot of similarities in sexual exhaustion symptoms between men and women. Exhaustion will show itself through many ways. In addition to impairing ones mental faculties, it may also slow down a woman's physical responsiveness, this can make you feel weakened and sluggish.
It is important for women to understand, that this type of problem does not happen overnight. It is a condition that gradually increases over the years if left untreated. Because the condition does not show signs of a problem right away, it is almost impossible to catch it before it progresses. Luckily, there are cures out there that can reverse a woman's biological chemistry over time.
Sexual Exhaustion
When a woman engages in a high level of sexual intercourse or masturbation, it sets off a domino effect reaction, raising the prolactin and dopamine levels. This subsequently leads to the pituitary-ovarian function to develop disorders, and this is when sexual exhaustion comes into play. Essentially it all comes down to hormonal balance, if that well balanced scale is tipped in any way it will trigger a bad reaction. The side effect of this type of exhaustion includes, but is not limited to; narrowed arteries in the brain, inflammation of the arteries, and blood flow constriction to the brain.
How To Fix It
As you can see, sexual exhaustion is in no way a laughing matter. The condition may lead to even more severe problems if not treated correctly. In order to begin the healing process, both you and your wife must be committed to seeing it through together. I would recommend not engaging in sexual intercourse for a few weeks, and also for your wife not to masturbate during that time. Her body will need this time to rest up and regroup.
During this time of abstinence, it would definitely be in her best interest to utilize some natural remedies to treat her exhaustion in a non-chemical way. (SEE: Sexual Exhaustion Herbal Solution) Herbs such as Tree Peony Bark, Fo Ti, and Cinamomum Cortex are great promoters for longevity of energy. They also increase libido, stamina, and fertility.

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