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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Seeking Stamina In The Wrong Place

He had premature ejaculation and turned to masturbation to help improve the duration of his erections. However, he may have overdone it as he doesn't last as long as he desires. What went wrong? Read on, get the facts, and find out how he might be able to fix it.

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Hello, I have an erection problem. I masturbate quite a lot. This gave me staying power during intercourse and I was able to control my premature ejaculation. However, the over masturbation has hurt my penis. I cannot maintain my erection during intercourse. I would be fully erect during missionary and doggy-style, but whenever I pull out or whenever she is on top, my penis shrinks and I can no longer have an erection. This is very frustrating. Did I damage my penis? Help me last longer and maintain an erection.


Erections and ejaculations look so simple from the outside: you experience sexual stimulation, your erection rises, the sexual stimulation continues until you ejaculate and your erection fades. It's a whole different and much more complicated story on the inside. Hormones get released, blood gets forced into the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum, sperm cells get manufactured... and those are just the relatively obvious parts of the process.
We've Got To Build It Up
Sexual activity leaves measurable physical traces inside you, ranging from elevated levels of certain hormones and depleted levels of certain neurotransmitters all the way to a few tiny leaks in the blood vessels in your penis. Under normal circumstances your body can easily correct these traces in a day or so, but that assumes you are getting proper nutrition, enough rest and practicing other healthy habits to keep your body in decent condition.
It Gets Worse
Those traces of sexual activity mentioned previously add up with more frequent ejaculations. A certain amount of the stress-hormone cortisol helps give you a burst of energy during tense moments, but too much in your system for too long will leave you vulnerable to illness and with poorly-healing bones. Prostoglandin e-2 makes your blood vessels expand, but if too much of it is in your system for too long, the tissues around the blood vessels can swell up, constricting the blood vessels. This can have serious negative effects on organs with lots of very small vessels, like your eyes or your penis.
These two hormones and many others can build up in your system if you don't give your liver time metabolize them, but these aren't the only drawbacks to excessive sexual activities. Think you'd like to be on a permanent adrenalin rush? Your adrenal gland can and will burn out, which will affect your erections as well as your moods. Your liver can only metabolize toxins or excessive quantities of necessary hormones at a particular rate, but not allowing it the nutrients and time to repair itself decreases its efficiency, which can have catastrophic effects on almost every other part of your body. And so on.
Basic bottom line: your body just can't handle being sexually active for weeks at a time.
How Do I Make It Better?
The first and most important thing you can do is to reduce your ejaculation frequency as much as possible for about three weeks. No ejaculations at all during that period is the ideal, but even throttling back to once every three or four days at the most will help. You should also keep your health-care provider informed of your problems and what you're doing to solve them; that way you can get an expert's advice on your progress.
You should investigate improving your diet, with particular emphasis on increasing your zinc and B-Complex intake. Whole grains are good sources for most B-vitamins, with eggs and dairy products supplying many of the missing ones. Properly-cooked oysters are bursting with zinc, but you can also check out many green, leafy vegetables. Check out the hundreds of nutrition resources available, and tens of thousands of recipes for you to explore. You should also look into designing an exercise regimen for yourself, to boost your natural testosterone levels as well as improve your self-image. Your health-care provider will help you determine the “goldilocks zone” of how much is just enough, because exercising too much will consume that extra testosterone to support building up your muscles.
Finally, you should consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement designed to help you recover from excessive masturbation. (SEE: Cong Rong for Erection Restoration) It will assist your body to rebalance your hormone levels, which will allow your erections to strengthen and last longer. It will also improve blood circulation throughout your genitals, accelerate your liver's ability to detoxify itself and return to tip-top cleansing capacity, and a number of other pleasant effects.
Please bear in mind that much like how the injuries took a while to add up to the point where you noticed them, the healing will take time and persistent effort. Keep at it, and you'll soon find your erections restored and sexual stamina boosted.

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