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The foreskin is responsible for a great deal of sexual sensitivity, but if you're circumcised or otherwise looking to expand your foreskin, you do have options for restoration. Learn more.

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I have used some of the solutions on here for penis enlargement and I have grown from 6" to 8+". The thickness has also grown from 4.5" to 6.5" with great results. It is so thick and big that I can't believe I have received these results. There is one problem however, I don't have enough foreskin on my penis. I want to be able to grow much more foreskin than I already have because my sensitivity is gone. Thank you if you have some suggestions.


Congratulations on the penis growth. With size like that, you're almost ready for a career in porn (don't do it, though; that's a whooole other can of worms). And now it seems as though your penis has actually outgrown your foreskin, much like I outgrew my jeans after the holidays (I prefer to think that the jeans shrank). Foreskin restoration is probably one of the most common procedures you've never heard of. Now that we have a better clinical understanding of how foreskin works in terms of sensitivity, more and more guys are trying to get back the skin that was so hastily cast aside at birth. Luckily, there are options available.
Going Under the Knife
There are many methods, remedies and practices associated with foreskin restoration, but the big question is: surgical or non-surgical? Surgical foreskin restoration works by grafting skin taken from your scrotum, and if that thought doesn't make you want to cross your legs and cringe, you just may be a candidate. Be warned, however, that this procedure—while highly effective—is very, very expensive. So if you don't have connections in the Kardashian clan, you might want to start saving your pennies. If you're looking for non-surgical solutions, you also have a variety of options at your disposal.
Non-Surgical Options
Targeted stretching techniques and specialized devices can help you to stretch and stimulate the original tissue at its root. If performed correctly, these practices can even stimulate the development of new tissue, and help you to gradually expand the skin from the base of your penis along the shaft. Since it sounds like you already have some foreskin, the process should be much easier for you than for most guys, which is actually too bad, because if you were fully circumcised, you could have a lot of fun messing with your parents after recovering new skin.
Let's Get Started
Thankfully, anyone can expand their foreskin without dropping a fortune on an embarrassing cosmetic surgery consultation. Here at Herballove, we have a variety of helpful resources that include detailed breakdowns on foreskin restoration. (TRY: Natural Solution for Foreskin Restoration) Learn about the proper stretching techniques, weigh your options, and start seeing results. Before long, you'll have 8 inches of sensitivity for your 8 inches of penis, and that will give guys everywhere even more reason to hate you. Happy trails, my friend.

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Natural Solutions For Foreskin Restoration

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