Second Time’s a Charm: If He Can Correct His Erectile Dysfunction, He Plans to Marry the Doctor Who Helped Him After His Divorce

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He once blamed his ex-wife for symptoms of high blood pressure. When these symptoms persisted after the divorce, he knew something else was wrong. He was right, and a female doctor diagnosed him with hypertension. He is now in a relationship with that doctor and waiting for a chance to propose. Marriage, however, is no good without a healthy sex life, and his HBP keeps him from getting hard.

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I didn’t know I had high blood pressure (HBP) until I divorced my wife. I thought all our fighting and yelling were to blame for my red face and rapid heartbeat. When those symptoms continued after the divorce, I decided to see a doctor. I’m now dating that doctor – the woman who diagnosed my HBP. We’re crazy about each other, and I plan to marry her. But I can’t ask her yet because I want everything to be perfect. You see, my HBP is ruining the quality of my erections. I can’t get completely hard even when we make love. Please tell me what I can do to correct this and finally marry the woman of my dreams. By the way, I am 49 years old.


You wouldn’t think high blood pressure could interfere with sex, but it can and does. Keep in mind an erection is the result of blood flow to the penis. Any interference with that blood flow will diminish the quality of erection. Therefore, as you think about heart health, you should also think about sexual health.
The Findings
Up to age 45, men are at greater risk of high blood pressure (HBP) than women. The explanation is found in hormones, although not in the way most of us believe. Testosterone production tends to wane as men grow older because of factors like obesity, smoking and divorce. Hormone production does decline naturally, but this is equivalent to about 1 percent every five years for most men.
Now we’ll look at the greatest contributing factors to low testosterone – obesity, smoking and divorce – individually. Fat deposits interfere with hormone production. When a person is obese, he or she can have a chemical imbalance that includes sexual hormones.
The same is true of smoking. It adds toxins to the body that interfere with natural hormone production. As for divorce, it is assumed married men have more sex than their single counterparts. Frequent sex helps normalize testosterone. Married men also go to the doctor more regularly, perhaps at the urging of their wives, and pay more attention to their health.

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HBP and Testosterone
Testosterone serves many purposes in the body, including that of protecting the heart. This means it also prevents problems like high blood pressure. Waning testosterone levels make the body is more susceptible to cardiovascular disease, stroke and HBP.
The penis is also directly linked to testosterone. Let’s think about this for a moment: when the hormone is stable, sexual desire remains high and the penis generally works like a well-oiled machine. Drops in testosterone production cause libido to take a dive. Other sexual problems, such as flagging erections and premature ejaculation, also ensue.
The Final Link: Erectile Dysfunction
A man with high blood pressure can experience erectile dysfunction whether testosterone levels are normal or not. We’re trying to show that hormonal imbalances only contribute to the problem. But here’s the reality: HBP damages arteries and impedes blood flow throughout the body. This means the penis doesn’t get the blood or nutrients it needs to sustain an erection.
Enduring just one episode of erectile dysfunction can devastate your sexual confidence and make it harder for you to relax the next time you and your girlfriend try to have sex. If you are able to make love, HBP can interfere with ejaculation and even reduce arousal. The same is true of many medications prescribed to treat HBP.
Get Down to Business
Because your girlfriend is a doctor, she’s probably discussed with you a variety of treatment options. An alternative you may not have explored is an omega-3 fatty acids supplement. Omega-3 has a history of protecting people against heart disease. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Healthier Sex Life & Heart Health) This means it can lower one’s chances of developing high blood pressure and also stave off erectile dysfunction. For a person in your shoes, who’s already been diagnosed with HBP, omega-3 can reduce blood pressure and repair damaged arteries.
You do not, however, have to stop here. Omega-3 has proven more beneficial when combined with select herbs like Cindium and Epimedium. A total blend can help you maintain erections by improving blood flow to the penis. They also build sexual stamina so you can go as long as your woman likes in bed. In turning to nature, you’ll be able to propose in no time – and enjoy a much-anticipated honeymoon.

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