Saddle up, Partner, You’re in for a Long Ride: This Cowboy Needs Relief from Premature Ejaculation to Satisfy His Hot-Blooded Cowgirl

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By Jean Dohm Conditions: Men's Premature Ejaculation Age: 18 - 35

Up to this point, he’s prided himself on knowing how to please a woman in bed. But he learned the hard way sex is about more than technique. His cowgirl partner told him he needs to last longer so she, too, gets some pleasure. He might have blown off her hot-blooded comment, but an ex-girlfriend once said something similar. Now he admits he only lasts about five minutes and concedes it’s not enough. He asks for help to satiate his sensually-starved girlfriend.

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I started having sex when I was young, around 15, and in the 15 years since, I thought I’d learned how to please a woman. I always engage in foreplay, listen to her moaning and breathing to ensure she’s satisfied and am willing to try new things. But it seems my hard work has led to this: the point in which I desperately ask for help.
My newest lover, a cowgirl from Texas who rides me like she rides her stallions, told me our sex life is in trouble. She blamed it on my endurance – I apparently don’t last long enough for her liking. An ex-girlfriend told me the same thing once before. On average, I last about five minutes during actual intercourse. I thought that was enough, but I was wrong. Is there anything a man can do to go the distance when making love?


It’s fitting you should liken sex to distance, because it is in many ways just that. Some people prefer jaunty little sprints, rapid and intense but nonetheless satisfying. Others want middle-distance runs that keep both partners affably engaged and then end in breathless explosion. Still others wish for marathons, long, slow and sensual until the pleasure builds undeniably.
Premature Ejaculation
Your cowgirl was trying to talk to you about premature ejaculation, a condition rooted more or less in the type of sex one prefers. If she craves the marathons we discussed above, she needs a man who can keep pace with her. You can’t withhold your orgasm long enough for her liking and therefore suffer from premature ejaculation (PE).
PE is not an isolated condition – it afflicts men of all ages, body types, physical levels, and appearances. It even hits those with penises of above-average size. Again, the reason is because of sex’s subjective nature. Pleasure doesn’t strike each person in the exact same way or to the exact same degree. That’s why some need more sexual stimulation than others.
PE is a problem with restraint and means you come more quickly than you or your partner need. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including too much sensitivity in the head of your penis. It’s also possible you previously conditioned yourself during masturbation, in which you wanted to quickly orgasm and then pull your pants back up. Or perhaps your cowgirl makes you over-excited, and you can’t control yourself once inside her.
Your condition may also be nothing more than inexperience. We’re not talking about sexual familiarity, but of restraining yourself to build a better, stronger orgasm. Most men and women have sex for the orgasm, meaning they want to get to that intoxicating point as quickly as possible. But learning to tease your body and stave off the inevitable can make intercourse that much more enjoyable – and also pleasure your partner.

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The Glorious Agony of Waiting
You’ve likely stood in the grocery store line one time or another, waiting anxiously to reach the front and make your purchase. When you do make it to your just reward and exchange cash for goods, you feel more than a little relieved. You feel you’ve hit the pinnacle.
Learning to hold back an orgasm can be similar – it builds tension so the release is that much sweeter. Don’t worry, this process is not an arbitrary element of manhood. You can retrain your body and last longer in bed by practicing the Stop-Start Method. Correctly engaging in this technique will help you build stamina, increase endurance and generally enjoy sex more than you thought possible.
The technique is fairly simple. You have sex, or ask your partner to stimulate your penis with her mouth or hands, until you’re on the brink of an orgasm. Then you stop, wait until you’re sufficiently cooled and begin again. Repeating this stop-start process three times before you climax will correct PE and give you control over your orgasm.
Make the Most of Your Experience
For the Stop-Start Method to have the desired effect, your body needs plenty of testosterone. You also need healthy, rejuvenated penile tissues and lots of sexual desire. For these reasons, we recommend you supplement your Stop-Start practice with an herbal formula. (TRY: Premature Ejaculation Relief Formula) Herbs can effectively balance hormones to give you firm erections and increase libido. In short, they help you find the balance between coming too early and coming just in time.

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