That’s No Greek Yogurt - I Excrete A White, Creamy Secretion During Sex

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Woman wonders if the white, odorless, yogurt-like discharge she excretes during intercourse is normal. What is it? Is it inhibiting her from becoming pregnant? Are her hormones out of alignment?

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I am 35-years-old and would like to know if this is normal: during intercourse I excrete a white, creamy secretion. I would describe it as watered-down yogurt. It either has no odor or sometimes a slightly metallic scent, if brought close to the nose. It does not create any itching or discomfort, so I do not think it is an infection. The substance seems to be what is described as normal secretions during non-ovulatory phases. However, I seem to produce excessive amounts during intercourse. When the substance dries on my dark colored bed sheets it leaves a noticeable white film. I have always produced this during intercourse ever since I became sexually active at the age of 22. Also, I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 2 years. My husband and I are very busy with work, so we have not made getting pregnant our biggest priority. I notice that for some time I have not produced the clear, slippery, egg-white-like discharge associated with ovulation. Is my system out of balance?


I do not think your body is completely out of balance. When your uterus contracts during orgasm, it forces cervical mucus down and out of your vagina. It might be that you have a slightly raised level of progesterone, which is causing your body to create a thicker mucus barrier around the cervix, resulting in a thick, white discharge when it comes out the other end.

I think that you aren’t getting pregnant because both you and your husband are very busy and stressed with work, and as we all know, stress is the enemy to fertility. Not only that, but you’re now 35-years-old! Fertility begins to decrease at this time in women, and your egg-white days might be behind you. Many women at this stage begin to experience only “creamy” or “watery” days, rather than strictly “egg white”. Luckily, we can certainly treat your discharge, and can hopefully help with your pregnancy!

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard
While your white discharge might seem weird in bed, it’s really nothing to worry about. However, to treat it, you just need to slightly increase your levels of estrogen. Your estrogen levels may have already started to decline slightly, seeing as you’re approaching the threshold of peri-menopause.

By increasing the overall level of estrogen in your body, you might also more easily be able to procreate. Normally, it’s the declining progesterone levels that leave women less able to make children. But it could be that you’re experiencing estrogen withdrawals more so than progesterone, and therefore that increasing your estrogen will both help your thick discharge, and prep you for baby making. I’d suggest increasing your estrogen intake through food, i.e. through plants high in phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens are plant chemicals that mimic the action of estrogen inside the body. I think these might be able to give you the estrogen increase you need, without overwhelming your system with birth control pills. They are found in a number of foods, especially soy products, as well as in beans, legumes, and flax seeds. 

Balance and Rejuvenate
An easier way to balance your hormones is by taking a supplement featuring a plant high in phytoestrogens. Because phytoestrogens act on the body as estrogens, yet do not contain the amount of estrogen as an estrogen molecule, they can work to increase the presence of estrogen within the body, without overwhelming the liver and pituitary-ovarian axis.

I recommend beginning an herbal course (SEEThe Hormone Balancer) as soon as possible, that you might more quickly see a change in your discharges, and hopefully in your fertility! The sooner, the better. 

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