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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Penis Pain & Injury Causes: dangerous sex positions Age: 18 - 35

This case study involves a man who has having fun with experimental positions which has resulted in a disastrous outcome; he has damaged his penis. How can he hope to overcome the pain that he is now experiencing as a result?

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I often wake up in the night with an erection sometime after sexual intercourse (Say a few hours). However, this erection is painful with a dull throbbing sort of pain. Not sure where really, seems the whole length of my penis, maybe even underneath at the base too. Doesn't seem to be external, more in the muscle tissue. Can you help? Thanks.


Different sex positions can be a blast to try for couples that are feeling a little kinky and want to heighten their mutual sexual pleasure. Things could already be going good and they just want to spice things up a little bit by experimenting, while other sexual partners might be experiencing some stagnation in their love lives and are in need of a shot in the arm so to speak.
Bing, Bang, BOOOOM!
Whatever the case may be, trying new sex positions can add variety to a couple’s lives and many report that variety is one of the key components to keeping things fresh, fun, and freaky in the relationship. Experimenting with wacky positions that stray from the path of mediocrity can have its rewards, but it can also have its dangers, and sometimes things can go wrong. In their attempt to change things up, one or both of the partners may end up with some serious injuries.
Sex positions such as The Bodybuilder, where the man is literally holding the woman up with his hands as they face each other, and The Incline Leg, where the woman is straddling the man from the top as his legs are bend at her sides, are especially dangerous.
What can happen as a result of these and other similarly hazardous positions is that the man’s penis can slip out and instead of thrusting back into the woman’s vaginal entrance, it can collide with her outer labia area. Being that a man’s erect penis isn’t nearly as pliable as when it is flaccid, it can be bent at an unnatural angle, resulting in severe penile trauma. Deep penile tissue ruptures and damage to the cylindrical lining within the penis can trigger a sudden release of prostaglandin E-2, and inflammatory hormone which can cause pain.
In addition to this, during your post ejaculatory phase while you are sleeping this excessive amount of prostaglandin E-2 can cause you to maintain an erection even though you’re not aroused. Now you’re left with a penis that feels as though Fred Astaire has been tap dancing on it in a pair of 7” inch high heels! So now you’re wondering what can be done about this dilemma…?
Calming the Fires
You can start healing yourself as well as preventing further penile injury by cutting out those kooky and dangerous positions. Go online or to your local book store and pick up a guide on safe yet sexy positions that are fun alternatives to the more mundane positions such as Missionary and Cowgirl. Definitely refrain from having intercourse or masturbating while your penis is healing or you will only compound your issues.
Many people require some extra help in order to get fully healed and that’s where natural herbal formulas can make all the difference. (SEE: Penile Trauma Repair Formula) These ancient formulas are jam-packed with powerful botanicals such as Eurycoma Longifolia, which can help to repair damaged nerve endings and promote prostaglandin E-1 and E-3 production; alleviating your excessive prostaglandin E-2 levels. Others such as Cornus Officinalis and Astragalus Membranaceus can go to work on your ruptured penile tissues, accelerating their repair process and cutting down on their healing time.
The first step is making the decision to make a real change and heal the right way.

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