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He’s not old yet, but he barely gets erections. His doctor says he has high cholesterol, and he’s been trying to work on it, but it’s certainly not helping his erections any. What’s the problem here? Is there anything he can do to fix it?

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My problem is simple: I can’t hardly seem to get an erection any more. The last time I went in for a physical, my doctor said I have high cholesterol. He said I was young enough to reverse most of the negative effects by changing my diet, and exercising more. So I’ve been trying to eat more healthy, and I’ve been working out a couple times a week. I don’t know how it’s helping my cholesterol levels, but I do know it’s not doing anything for my (lack of) erections. Can you help?


Good for you for trying to control your cholesterol levels without medication! That’s the first step in regaining your sexual health. The fact is, you’ve damaged your blood vessels by the accumulation of plaque in your system. I’m sure your doctor mentioned something about atherosclerosis, or, hardening of the arteries? That’s what’s going on here with you.
Work It Out
Now, diet and exercise can go a long way towards restoring healthy body function. A good diet prevents any further plaque build up, and certain foods even help to remove the gunk that’s already there. Diet restores vitality to the circulatory system, and helps push unnecessary cholesterol out through the body before it becomes a problem.

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Clogged Pipes
However, while both of these are slowly working to resuscitate your blood vessels, you probably need a little something extra to get your gear back in working order. This is because the penis is essentially a huge blood vessel. When you have high cholesterol, this blood vessel becomes coated with lipids, like when you pour bacon grease down the drain and then have to call your landlord because the sink is backed up.
Luckily, you haven’t completely clogged your penis (or your heart!); you’ve just severely reduced capacity. This interior coating also makes the surface of the arteries hard and inflexible, meaning there’s no longer any give. You’re pretty much stuck with the space you’ve got, and boy, that’s not a lot. But there’s hope!
Herbal Helper
As I mentioned, there are specific foods that can help your body restore health to your blood vessels, and remove plaque build up. Besides your normal health foods, you should also look into an herbal formula to really boost results. Herbs have a powerful ability to impact the body, and by using a specific blend, you’ll really see quick results. (SEE: Red Yeast Rice for Erectile Dysfunction Help)
Up and At ‘Em!
The compound I recommend contains Red Yeast Rice, the result of the addition of red yeast to rice. Red Yeast Rice naturally prevents the production of a cholesterol-building enzyme, resulting in less cholesterol overall. The formula also contains such herbs as Maca, Panax Ginseng, and Cuscuta—all of which work to enrich sexual health and ability.
You’ll soon be back to your old self if you give this remedy a try. You’re certainly on the right track already; you just need a little assistance. Do yourself a favor and help your body help you.

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