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By Cody Copeland Conditions: Men's Low Sex Drive Causes: low testosterone Age: 36 - 55

Even though he took an herbal supplement to cure his painful prostate condition two years ago, he now suffers from low sex drive.

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My painful prostate problem from several years ago is gone. I have been healthy for more than 2 years now. Your formula healed me in about 1 year. Thank you!
I now have normal sex and no pain, but my sex drive has decreased. I have been taking dietary supplements for several years. I need to order the right products to increase my sex drive.
I am in great shape and take no medicines. I do not smoke nor I drink.  How can I increase my sex drive and have stiffer erections? Could I be suffering from low testosterone levels due to my age of 48?


As a man, I can attest to the importance of sex. It helps relax the mind. It minimizes stress. It even boosts the feelings of elation.
As I’ve grown, I noticed my older friends combat testosterone issues. Some have seen a change in mood; others, in sex drive. For the latter group, it’s the wives who express their exasperation and anger over the change. Most friends naturally approach me for advice, and I usually recommend a few products to quell the issue. 
Since you don’t drink or smoke, I can rule out toxic byproducts of these chemicals for the cause of your condition. However, it’s always best to speak to a doctor before hand. 
You mention that your age may play a factor. As men grow, their bodies experience a multitude of changes, from hair loss and weight gain to hormonal imbalances and decreases in sex drive. In your current stage, testosterone levels may indeed play a major factor.

You may have seen your mood change. You may have noticed an increase in hair loss. And you definitely have seen a decrease in sex drive—all common symptoms of lowered testosterone levels.
Now, your initial reaction is to freak out. You may start to worry over the changes your body experiences. And you may even talk to a friend or two about why you’re being punished. Don’t worry, and don’t fret over this alleged punishment bestowed unto you. In fact, it’s normal for a man your age to experience some type of change to the body. 
“Normal” libido varies from male to male. It’s like food consumption. Some men have a voracious appetite for cake, steaks and beer. Others can have one serving and be full. Whether your sexual appeasement levels are high, a healthy libido will vary for each. What’s atypical, though, are prolonged periods of no sexual desires caused by lower testosterone levels. 
In a study conducted in Massachusetts, researchers found 11 percent of males admitted to having a low sex drive. When the researchers tested their testosterone levels, they found that about 28 percent of those with low testosterone had low libidos. With an average age of 47, these men were relatively young. And according to this study, it appears you had similar characteristics to the study group.  
Reviving Your Old Gusto
Now most of my older friends tend to ask me for supplements and methods to help boost their testosterone naturally. For starters, diet may help. According to studies, high levels of belly fat around the abdominal area can kill off testosterone.

And proper diet can reduce weight while providing the body with necessary trace minerals, such as zinc, for improved testosterone production. 
Here are five foods that are high in zinc:
  • Beef – Chuck Roast
  • Crab and Lobster
  • Organic Fruits and Vegetables
  • Oysters
  • Yogurt
Next, I often recommend a testosterone boosting formula, which increase your body’s production of testosterone in order to boost your sex drive and improve your sexual performance. 
So don’t worry! What you’re experiencing is a natural part of growing older and can be remedied easily. With a few dietary and supplemental changes, you’ll once again be enjoying the frequent sexual urges you had as a younger man.

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