Restoring Erectile Hardness & Rebooting Your Sex Life

A former porn performer is seeking some guidance because a life of too much sex has burned him out to the extent that he can no longer get hard. Can this situation be rectified, and if so, how?

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Well guys I really thought I had it made. I used to be a porn performer but those days are over. I became so popular and everything that girls always wanted to get banged by me. This lead to me having so much sex that I couldn’t get a break!
In addition to that I was masturbating all the time. Eventually my erections became soft and now I have a noodle d***. Is there a natural way to heal myself? I don’t want to go the penis pump route since I read on your website that they can cause further damage!


Rock had a lifestyle that most men would give their left nut for; he was a porn performer. Not only did he get to get paid to have sex with hot slutty chicks, he also was well-known for being quite well-endowed downstairs, so he’d often be in high demand. In addition to having sex all of the time, he’d often jack-off to porn (mainly to his own videos) as well, sometimes as much as several times per day.
An Envious Life, or...
One day while performing a sex scene with one of his regular female counterparts, he noticed that his penis wasn’t able to get as hard as it usually did. He chalked it up to it just being an “off day” for him, such as would happen to porn performers from time to time.
On his next video shoot, he couldn’t even produce a proper hard-on. The production team cancelled the shoot, and soon people were talking. When news spread of Rock’s inability to get hard, he became radioactive and no one wanted to perform any scenes with him. His next job: sweeping convenience store parking lots.

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More than an “Off Day”
Yes, we as men can sometimes have an off day here and there. It happens. Just as sports athletes can just be off their game once in a while, so can men inadvertently lose their ability to produce a firm erection. It’s only when this becomes a repeat performance should one become worried...
When a man gets to the point where he is having sex and/or masturbating too much, he can reach a point where he exhausts his body’s supply of hormones and neurotransmitters. This sexually exhausted state can trigger the release of too much prostaglandin E-2.
Prostaglandin E-2 can inflame the reproductive system and cause the constriction of major penile arteries, and when local blood supply is cut off to the penis; erectile softness can occur. So what’s a healthy method of reversing this unfortunate circumstance?
All Natural Herbal Bomb
First off, it would be wise to chill out on the number of ejaculations that occur each week. 4 or 5 times per week is normal, but any more than that is excessive, and could lead to further complications.
Secondly, men looking to reverse their symptoms may want to consider taking an all-natural botanical remedy. (TRY: Tribulus for Fighting Erectile Dysfunction) Herbal mixtures which contain Tribulus have been known to reverse the common symptoms of sexual exhaustion, including fatigue, irritability, low libido, and weak erections.
Tribulus had been well-documented to:
  • Vastly improve blood circulation
  • Erode any built-up scar tissue blocking penile blood chambers
  • Naturally boost testosterone production
  • Alleviate the factors which cause performance anxiety and unnecessary stress
All of these factors lead to not only repairing one’s sex life, but improving it. Remember, we may not all be porn performs like Rock, but we can all privately perform like one behind closed doors!

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Fight E.D. with Tribulus

Freddy had a healthy sex life. He had a life most men envied. He dated all the prettiest girls. Read more
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