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By Abel K Conditions: Men's Weak Erection Age: 18 - 35

He wants his erections to return to their youthful state.

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I masturbate often. Attractive news anchors, co-workers and even adult-film stars actuate my desires to masturbate. Just the thought alone of having sex with these women entices my urges to masturbate. Now, I feel my masturbation habits have caused a serious problem: weak erections. Before, I could get an erection with just the slightest touch. Before, my erections felt youthful and full of strength. Now, they feel like an empty water hose dangling in the air. What can I do?


You have to stop this self-destructive practice. You are in an endless self-stimulation cycle. Excessive masturbation will weaken your erections for two reasons: PSA levels and lack of necessary hormones.

Your hormones, like testosterone, will see a massive depletion, while PSA levels will remain high. High PSA levels and low hormone production will create more severe issues if you continue to masturbate in excess. First, lets discuss how you got to your current state of affairs.
The Masturbation Effect
Ejaculation elevates the PSA level for 24 hours. The higher the PSA level, the more stimulation your prostate receives until you are sexually exhausted. High PSA levels will eventual grow the prostate, leading to weak erections, poor urine flow and premature ejaculation problems.

Meanwhile, the excessive masturbation will deplete the body of testosterone and acetylcholine, neurochemicals needed to power an erection. When these chemicals become depleted, the body can no longer produce an erection as it once did.
Find The Help You Need
You need to stop masturbating. The body can replenish itself of the necessary hormones and lower the PSA levels, but it needs a break. When the body takes a respite from sex, it will start to use the nutrients found in food to restore the PSA levels and hormones back to normal.

However, in cases such as yours, it is normal to see the parasympathetic nervous system be unable to properly digest the nutrients from food. Instead, men typically take all-natural herbs (SEE: Botanical Remedy For Weak Erection Restoration) to restore the system back to normal, power an erection and balance their hormone levels.

What to do

Botanical Remedy For Weak Erection Restoration

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