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By Perrin Rynning Conditions: Men's Premature Ejaculation Age: 18 - 35

After years of masturbation, he's discovered that his ejaculations are too quick off the mark when he's having sex with a partner. What's going on? Can he fix it? Read on, get the facts, and find out!

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I masturbated a lot as a kid and I had family members tell me that if I kept doing this I was going to cause damages to my penis. I am now 22 years old and sexually active and I can't control my ejaculations, I ejaculate way too early when having intercourse. I have tried the stop start method and this hasn't worked for me. I am afraid that I have ruined my chances at ever having normal sex. What can help me last longer? Am I too deep into damage that I will never be able to have the same kind of sex as anybody who has normal sex? I want a solution to my problems if there is even one.


Proper training allows the human body to perform some amazing feats. As of this writing, the world record for running a mile is held by Hicham El Guerrouj, who did it in 3:43.13 minutes. Robert Ardito of Australia can fire off 805 punches in one minute. And although the average guy takes about 10 minutes to go from flaccid to ejaculation, it's possible to train yourself to spurt much, much faster than that.
Given your persistent masturbatory habits, it's quite likely that you 'trained' yourself to ejaculate as quickly as possible, and now need to 'retrain' your body. Let's take a look at how ejaculation is supposed to work to see where the problem may rest.
Optimal Neural Set
Your neural network communicates via neurotransmitters; specific molecules that 'transmit' signals from one nerve-cell to the next. Imagine the ends of your nerves as having dozens of key-activated ignition switches; to get one particular engine running, the correct key needs to go into its ignition. When the right key goes in place and closes that circuit, the nerve cell follows the genetic instructions associated with it, which may or may not include sending another key to the next cell in the nerve-chain.
Plugging The Gaps Is Bad
Excessive masturbation is something like getting those keys stuck in the lock. The neurotransmitters don't just 'pop out' of the receptor sites on the nerve cells, so continuous stimulation of a particular type can plug up the receptors and reduce your awareness of a particular sensation. Unlike your car, your nerve cells can grow new receptor areas so they can accept a new copy of the same key, but the process takes up energy and makes the whole system run less efficiently.
Biochemistry Benchmark
Hormones, particularly stress-related ones, play a crucial role in ejaculation, and not just during the act. A proper sex experience cannot take place without producing a supply of particular hormones, and inevitably results in a post-coital chemical imbalance. You need cortisol to supply quick energy, you need adrenalin to keep your blood pressure high, you need prostaglandin e-2 to keep your blood vessels dilated... the list goes on. Each one is critical for making sure you orgasm properly while maintaining the rest of your body healthy, and your body takes at least a day or two to come back to normal.
Refusing your body that time to rest and recover can only lead to disappointment in one form or another. Premature ejaculation is only one symptom; you need to take action before sex becomes even more disappointing.
Getting Off The Sidelines
Your first and strongest move to get back in the game is to voluntarily take yourself out of it completely: no ejaculations for three weeks solid, at the very least. Please recall that you created this problem for yourself by refusing to allow your body the time it needed to recover from ejaculations. Giving up masturbation and sex for a while uses the same logic as giving a broken leg time to heal.
While you're waiting, you might also check your nutritional intake. Chances are good that you need to consume more zinc and B-vitamins, as these nutrients are critical for tissue-building and repair. Treat yourself to a meal of properly-prepared oysters to take in a good supply of zinc and B-vitamins at the same time. Red meat and toasted wheat germ are good sources of zinc, while whole grains and dairy are a good start on re-stocking your B-vitamin supply. Do your own research to find your new favorite sources.
A moderate exercise program can help increase your testosterone levels, which will also assist in repairing or building up tissues. A side-benefit is improved cardiovascular health, not to mention increases in physical stamina and self-confidence.
You should also consider using a topical desensitizing lotion, designed specifically to level out neural sensitivity and reduce premature ejaculation. (Try: Herbal Desensitizer for Delayed Ejaculation) Each of the various products provide different levels of effects for you, and many even offer a secondary function as a sexual lubricant. I encourage you to sample two or three different products and take careful note of each one's effects to find the one that works best for you and your partner.
Follow the directions and guidance from your health-care provider, and you will achieve the sexual stamina you desire. Good luck!

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