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The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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I got a problem with masturbation so much so that my penis leaks at times with white fluid.

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I have a problem with masturbation and leaking.  I leak more white fluid than a drunken cow with a full bladder. Plus, I notice that I am not able to hold my ejaculation as long as I used to. Please answer these questions:
Q1: Why is my penis leaking like crazy?
Q2: How do I make my penis more powerful?
Q3: Why is my penis always pointing down?
Q4: Is having oral sex only healthy?
Q5: Why won't she agree to sex lately? Is it my penis? 


Q: Why is my penis leaking like crazy?
A: Over-masturbating has emptied your parasympathetic sexual nerve (Kidney Yin) that keeps your ejaculation control valve shut. Kids wet their beds as a result of weak parasympathetic bladder nerves that control the bladder outlet valve.
Q: How do I make my penis more powerful?
A: Your parasympathetic sexual nerve is too weak to power up your penis. You have to nourish the nerve with herbs to stop the semen leakage. Once you have a powerful parasympathetic sexual nerve, you can use the Natural Penile Enlargement Method to make your penis more powerful.
Q: Why is my penis pointing down?
A: You have a weak erection. Your parasympathetic sexual nerve is too weak to actuate an erection.
If you want instant action, take herbs from Natural Erection Supplements & Pills to power up your erection.
Q: Is having oral sex only healthy?
A: It depends how you look at it. What about your girlfriend? It’s probably best to man up and have a hard erection that hits her G-Spot every time. After all, sex can be a form of love. Not appreciating that can turn your relationship will turn sour.
Q: Why won't she agree to sex lately? Is it my penis?
A: She wants a serious commitment and is quite possibly testing your love. You obviously seen quite concerned in matters relating to her. Whether you admit it or not, you obviously care deeply. Try not to treat her solely as a sex toy, she’ll think that’s all you care about.

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william758 posted on Tue, 06/11/2013 - 10:58
You masturbated so much that you started having leaking problems. The way you describe it sounds so unpleasent. It seems impossible to me to leak that much but if you're telling the truth then WOW. That's a huge problem.
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