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A gentleman is writing in regarding both a desire to improve is penis size and the ability to sustain a rock-hard erection for longer periods of time. If you have similar concerns or know someone who does, this may be of interest to you...

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I am having problems with trying to "keep it up" for a long time. The longest I can hold my erection is for 1 minute, even when I am just playing with myself. Is there anything that will help me keep it up for longer and if possible also make my penis bigger?


I recently wrote about another case where I described an uncomfortable situation where two people started to get hot and heavy with each other, up until the moment that woman saw the man’s penis and backed out with abrupt haste. While it was a fun and silly read, another adjective that might be ascribed to it is realistic.

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Summary: If you have trouble maintaining an erection and issues with your penis size, learn what you can do. One man discover the benefits of our solutions and advice from our experts. If you want help, read on and leave your comments for our community and experts below.
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“Nice ‘Little Guy’ You’ve Got There…”
There are numerous reasons behind everyman’s quest for a larger penis, not just the embarrassing situation touched on above; some men were teased in communal showers, such as in military barracks, while others who were involved in sports could have been humiliated in locker rooms.
Similarly, there are various causes as to why a man is smaller than the average Joe. Age may play a factor; as men get older their testosterone levels ebb, causing not only penile shrinkage but also a loss of sexual vigor (i.e. not being able to “keep it up”). And, you mentioned masturbation, which is quite normal. However, if you play a little too much with yourself (over masturbation), every day for instance, over time small fatty deposits called plaque can built up within your penile blood vessels, blocking the flow of blood to your interconnected penile chambers (corpus cavernosum) which normally engorge when you become aroused.
In any case, there is a solution...
Nothing To it, But To Do it
There is no overnight “quick-fix” to increase your erection quality (EQ) and overall penis size. However, you may want to consider taking a potent herbal mixture in order to get you well on your way to achieving both ends.
The main objective here is to expand and increase the amount of elasticity within your penile chambers, and these remedies contain the necessary properties which can enable that to happen. (SEE: Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement Formula) Not only that, but they can also boost the amount of testosterone, nitric oxide, HGH, and other growth factors that are carried in your bloodstream and pumped into these chambers, improving both your erection quality, and making them last much longer.
As stated before, just as when you join a gym and start a workout plan you won’t see instant changes in your physique. However, with some self-discipline, patience, and sticking to taking your botanical remedy regularly, over time you can start to see a gradual improvement in both penile size, as well as an improvement in erection firmness and the ability to “keep it up” much longer.
You’ve taken the first step in identifying the issue and seeking a solution to it; now it is time to take the next and take action. So get back in there and return to the rock-hard horn-dog that is lying dormant within you.

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Gabriel Andrade posted on Tue, 06/24/2014 - 12:49
Now I can enlarge both my length and my erectile strength after reading this topic.
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AidanK2 posted on Thu, 07/10/2014 - 15:09
That is true, it gives us hope that there is such things that will work.
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