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From Pumped Up to Puny – The Loss of Morning Wood

Here we have a gentleman who used to get a visit from the boner fairy each morning, but now is experiencing a tiny wiener. How can he reverse this unfortunate situation?

Case #: 


I’m a healthy male in my early 30s who just can’t seem to get it up anymore. Well at least not during the morning hours. Whereas I used to get big boners each and every morning, now I just end up with a big softie.
My sex partner is not happy to say the least. Can you help me with this please?


Mick had a problem; his morning boners had become a thing of the past. Even if he’d wake up lying face-down with his penis pressed into the bed there would be nothing hard down there to speak of.
He didn’t quite understand his predicament nor the fact that now that he had a steady lover, he seemed to masturbate even more than when he didn’t. Marcy was her name, and when they’d meet up, they’d have sex like rabbits then fall asleep.
Pleasures of the Past
When they would spend the night together, Mick would wake up Marcy with a stiffy rubbing up against her back. From there he’d start kissing her on her neck, lift one of her legs up, and stuff his throbbing member in. But these days he’d stopped doing that because no morning wood would show up, and Marcy began having concerns about Mick’s sexual abilities.
What the heck was going on with his body? He asked himself.

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A Slippery Slope
Most medical professionals will tell you that sex and masturbation are good for the average healthy adult. But done in excess, men can become addicted to the extreme euphoric feelings that come (pun intended) with a good orgasm or five.
Men who are both having regular sex and masturbating all the time can spiral downward in a vicious cycle where they are burning their candles at both ends. That’s because chronic sexual activity which results in orgasming can drain a man of his body’s neurotransmitters and hormones, burning himself out from within.
When a man reaches this stage (sexual exhaustion) he can become lethargic and can see his sexual desires evaporate. He can even suffer from bodily inflammations and yes…you guessed it, no morning wood. So how can a man hope to turn this all around?
Stats Don’t Lie
Men looking to reverse their sexual dysfunctions and more may want to try taking Panax ginseng. (SEE: Morning Wood Restoration Formula) According to altmedicine.about.com, in a test performed on 45 men over an eight week period, the men had better improvements with their erectile dysfunction than did ones that took a placebo. A similar study conducted on 90 men resulted in 60% of them experiencing harder erections once again, as compared to only 30% of the ones who took a mere placebo.
They also report that this super-herb can help to improve mental acuity and cognitive performance, help with diabetes management, stress and anxiety, cancer, insomnia, chronic stress disorder and other ailments.
So now is the time to not only improve your erection quality and get back that morning wood, but also bolster your overall health…what are you waiting for?

What to do

Oh, Hello Morning Wood

Known by most men as the morning wood, a ro Read more
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Neba.B's picture
Neba.B posted on Wed, 11/25/2015 - 01:50
Can this (no morning erection) mean that one has low DHT level?
Neba.B's picture
Neba.B posted on Wed, 11/25/2015 - 01:50
Can this mean that one has low DHT level?
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