From Pumped to Blood Dump – When Your Wiener Wilts

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Weak Erection Age: 36 - 55

Here we find a gentleman who can get a solid boner, but then it fizzles out after he starts some hanky-panky with his wifey. How can we help him with this surprisingly common issue?

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I am 41 years old and every morning I delightfully wake up with a very strong erection. My problem however is that when I try to have sex with my wife we will start engaging in intercourse but within a minute my penis just starts to take a downfall. My erections become very weak and I can no longer get it up. I know there are many ways to get it strong again but I really want to avoid taking any sort of drugs. What are my alternative options?


Years ago a female friend of mine confided in me about problems she was having with another friend of mine who was guy. They had been seeing each other and on the outside things seemed to be pretty idyllic; I would often see them holding hands and occasionally smooching. Things were different behind the scenes however, and she had brought up to me that their sex life wasn’t that great (I think she tried to hit on me a few times as well!). I talked to the male friend in the equation and he flat out told me that he’d been having problems keeping a proper boner.
He also said that he was considering going under the knife and having some surgeon implant his penis with some sort of inflatable pump device to keep his wiener hard. Being a life-long believer in natural remedies I warned him of the implications of such a potentially hazardous path, and he eventually dropped it.
The next thing he wanted to do was get on some pills that he’d found on some slick and shiny looking website that promised super long-lasting boners, complete with “testimonials” from men who had supposedly had success with them. Again, I did more research for him and he finally dropped that whacky idea.
Had I been writing for Herbal Love I would have steered him to this website, but I found some Chinese herbs form a market which helped his issue.
Common Causes
As men naturally age, there testosterone and HGH levels start to ebb, which not only curbs their sexual prowess but also their desire to have sex in the first place. Excessive masturbation can also come into play as scar tissue can form and block off penile arteries which are critical for supplying proper blood flow for hard erections. Whatever the case, improper blood circulation can reduce the overall firmness of the penis and cause it to droop almost just as suddenly as it sprang up.
Non-Invasive Pump-Up
Thank goodness you haven’t made any purchases from one of the many shady snake-oil salesmen out there and popped their worthless pills. Now might be the time to try a fun method of improving your soft member situation: The all-mighty cock ring method! (SEE: Erection Enhancing Cock Rings)
These rings, when used properly, can help to retain all of the blood which pumps into your penis upon arousal. As the blood becomes trapped within the tiny interconnected penile chambers it fully saturates the spongy tissues which sop up all of that blood, leading to firmer, longer-lasting dongs. Just make sure that you don’t choose one that is too tight for you because they can cause numbness and bruising if it’s too small of a fit.
Hope lies before you, take the initiative and invest in your sexual revival!

What to do

Cock Rings For Firmer Erection

The National Institutes of Health estimates that 5 percent of 40-year-old males experience erectile dysfunction. Read more
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