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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Penis Pain & Injury Causes: penis stretching Symptoms: painful penis Age: 18 - 35

A gentleman writes in complaining about penis shrinkage, and unsightly thrombosis vein, and other symptoms that he’d like to get rid of. We consult him on natural, non-harmful paths to recovery.

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I am 18 and just found out about this site today and am so excited after an unfruitful online search for penis enhancement injuries. Last September, I was attempting to enlarge my penis by the methods in Mantak Chia's Multi-orgasmic man. This involved pulling the limp penis forward, down, to the right, and the left. Then with an erect penis, jelqing, pulling the penis to either side and doing circles, and then slapping the penis against each inner thigh, afterwards soaking it in warm water.
After a few weeks of doing these exercises with them not hurting, I did double or triple the amount of stretches one day. Afterward, I felt pain in my penis. The next day I did the stretches again, and I felt pain but I finished the exercises. This went on a couple of days before I stopped stretching my penis. I have not done them since, but to this day there has been a pain in the right side of the bottom of my shaft and in the right pubic area around and on the pubic bone. The pain increases after I have masturbated (I don't feel it as much with an erection) and sometimes if I sit down and my penis is scrunched up in my jeans I feel pain. And pulling my penis down and to the left towards my thigh (when I'm standing up) is what causes the most pain. I feel like the pain in my pubic area connects and extends into the right bottom part of my shaft.
I apologize for all the details, but I want to be as clear as possible. I looked through the case studies on your website, and none that I found really fit the pain I am feeling. 
What can I do to relieve whatever is causing this pain? Massage? (If so, how and where) Ice? Herbs?
Thank you so much for your presence on the internet, filling a gaping hole on information about sexual injuries. (In sixth grade sex education class, someone asked the teacher if a penis could break. She said no. She was wrong.)


In Marvel Comics there is a super-hero group called the Fantastic Four, and its leader is this guy named Mr. Fantastic. His super-power is being able to stretch any parts of his body to extreme lengths, such as stretching his arm up a tall tree in order to rescue a stranded cat, etc. Needless to say, there are some jokes about how well he does in the bedroom with his wife, the Invisible Woman. At least I think there must be…or maybe it’s only me? Anyway, in real life, none of us guys can be a Mr. Fantastic, although we all aspire to be fantastic lovers.
Only in the Comics
To many men, being a fantastic lover is usually equated with having a large package that can get the job done and reach that G-spot in a woman; resulting in her having those shivering orgasms. Unfortunately, not everyone feels as though he has the proper tool for this objective, so sometimes desperate measures are taken, and harmful techniques are sought out and tried. In your case, you’ve stumbled upon something that you thought was going to be a quick-fix, and has only turned out to be a pot of rusty nails at the end of a fading rainbow (snazzy metaphor huh?)
First of all don’t apologize at all; the more information that you guys provide to me, the better I can find a solution for you. In this case, you’ve pretty much been strangling your penis through these dopey penile exercises, damaging the blood vessels and pinching the nerves within it. This is similar to if you pull a muscle during a workout and over-stretch a muscle; you receive damage to the nervous tissues and endings within it. As a result of over-stressing your penile nerves, your sympathetic nervous system has released an overabundant amount of the neurotransmitter/hormone norepinephrine to the areas of your penis that have been weakened, causing pain.
In addition to this, damage to your penile tissue has occurred in different spots, and you may have even causes harm to your bulbourethral gland, which normally provides lubrication to your urethra before ejaculation or urination. This can result in it not functioning properly, and as a result you feel pain as semen or urine passes through it. So how do we get you out of this mess?
Real, Natural Healing
You’ve already taken the correct first step by ceasing those harmful penile stretching techniques. Take a month off from sexual intercourse and masturbation. Let your body start to heal itself. And stay away from all of those snake oil salesmen and their get rich quick schemes; they’re only out there to make a buck off of you.
If you’d really like to get back on track, consider taking a  natural herbal formula to aid you in your recovery. (TRY: Penile Injury & Nerve Rejuvenation) These can repair the damage done to your penile tissues and nerve endings due to over-stretching them. In addition to this, these can help to boost and replenish your neurotransmitters, and aid in your soft tissue rejuvenation. This all leads to relief of your pain and the groin inflammation eventually dissipating. This is a gradual process, but with some self-discipline, you can do it. Although your teacher was wrong, you don’t have to be. Instead, turn around and head back up the path to restoring your health.

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