Is Prostate Removal the Best Option for Chronic Prostate Infection?

Doctor suggests prostate removal so I would not suffer from prostate chronic infection, even though it has no cancer. Do you think that’s a good idea?

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I have visited many clinics to treat my chronic prostate infection. I was prescribed with tons of different chemicals and antibiotic therapy for 15 years. The doctors said this is the best way to live my life for now, unless I remove the prostate, even though I have no cancer.


First of all, antibiotics won't work for non-bacterial prostatitis.  Furthermore, antibiotics kill the body's good bacteria and weaken your overall immunity, making you more susceptible to future infection. 
It is rather sad that doctors have such little understanding of holistic health care.  It’s typical that doctors try to treat symptoms with medicines that don't address the underlying causes of health problems; and when that doesn't work, they advocate removing vital organs from your body.
Over-masturbation and over-ejaculation cause abrasion of your prostate and urethral duct by chronic seminal blasting.  Excessive sexual activity and over-ejaculation leads to overproduction of androgen hormones, causing adrenal and sex organ fatigue, and excess release of dopamine to maintain prolonged sexual arousal. 
Hormonal changes such as deficiency of DHT and excessive production of prostaglandin E-2 can trigger chronic protein collagen release which hardens the inflamed prostate, leading to chronic prostate enlargement (one of the symptoms of BPH).

Foods Beneficial to the Prostate Gland

Pomegranate has been shown in university studies to slow the growth of prostate cancer. The fruit of the black pepper plant can significantly enhance the bioavailability of various supplemented nutrients that heal the prostate. According to recent German research that shown Lycopene from Tomato may be able to inhibit the growth of prostate tumors.

Frequent ejaculation abrades your prostate, bulbourethral glands and urethra and induces extra production of prostaglandin-E2 for swelling and burning.  A swelling prostate and urethral duct causes you to experience urination difficulty after ejaculation.  This is why some men experience post-ejaculation pelvic or prostate pains and precum/semen leakage in the post-ejaculation state.  Middle-aged men, seniors, and sexually exhausted men will experience a longer recovery (refraction) time.  If your recovery time is longer than 48 hours and you ejaculate every 48 hours you will keep your PSA and prostaglandin E-2 level high all the time.

What to do

Powerful Prostate Care Supplements For Active Lifestyle

If you notice blood in your semen, experience pain after ejaculating or notice a slow urine stream, your issues may be caused by abusive masturbation that has elevated your prostaglandin E-2 levels. Improve your health today! Read more
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Ethan5KT posted on Tue, 06/11/2013 - 16:10
So you have to take those nasty prescription pills for the rest of your life? What kind of side effects do they give because I know there must be some sort of side effect.  You have no cancer so there must be a way you can get rid of the infection and not have it be chronic anymore.
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