Premature Ejaculation Caused by Prostate - Prostatitis’ Exponential Effects

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Premature ejaculation caused by Prostatitis can be embarrassing and painful for some, and harmful if not treated quickly

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I am 28 years old and have a premature ejaculation problem. I even ejaculate watching TV or seeing somebody kiss on the road. Once I kissed a girl 2 years ago and I ejaculated. I never had any physical relations with a woman except kissing a woman once. I am really terrified and want to start new life after overcoming this problem. I met with a sex specialist and he told me to masturbate and it got worse after that. I also experience minor soreness around the prostate region during ejaculation. I have had this problem since age 15 and never discussed it with anyone because I was so shy.


It's possible that your PE problem might caused by Prostatitis, which is a very common condition worldwide. Possibly as many as 25% or more men, have experienced issues concerning it at least once. Randomly selecting a day, 10 to 14 per cent of men in the community will experience some sort of symptom that is from or caused by prostatitis.
Why it is
There is an obvious Acetylcholine shortage or “depletion”. Acetylcholine is an agent in both the central and peripheral nervous system. It is in control of muscles in the peripheral system, head to toes, ACh was one of the first neuro-chemicals ever discovered, and synthesized. The first of any kind in its class, and the characteristic of nueromodulator properties of ACh will demonstrate that an understanding of how it keeps DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, in check is vital to treating sexual functionality.
It controls the amount of DHT in the body, and regulates how much is to be produced along with helping send the signals to the brain about sensitive activity. DHT causes all men to have their prostates enlarge. Men obviously have higher risk factors concerning the prostate, and any inflammation there will cause symptoms immediately, and cause long term problems over time, if left untreated.
Most men who are checked by doctors, even when not reporting sexual dysfunction or anything similar to premature or constant ejaculations, return results showing they are positive for prostatitis. After starting small changes to increase overall body health, nerve health, and physical damage, you still need to keep track of the size, shape, and general health of your prostate. 
Getting Older or In The Prime: Seniors, average-aged men and sexually exhausted young men will experience more prostate pain and symptoms of other system failures if untreated more-so than any others.
Using Masturbation To Counteract
As you’ve mentioned, you tried a home remedy of self-love, and that only made things worse. The more you ejaculate, your PSA  and prostagladin E-2 will continue to maintain their elevated levels in the body. This can cause physical pain during ejaculation and also other problems you will experience in your future relationships.
You don’t appear to be in an emergency medicine situation that needs surgery or powerful pharmaceutical medicine. More likely you’ll just a perform a slight change in attitude and diet or lifestyle.
Here is a Plenty of Hope
30-40% Of men have experience with PE as regular sufferers.There have been many strides in understanding causal reasons, and we as a society actually have time for the people who are already reluctant to make the issue public or ask their doctor.
You should never give up hope. There is something, someone or some way of thinking that can solve every problem in the world.  We can be very special beings, so do not be afraid to discuss problems like premature, excessive, constant , unwanted feelings of excitement and anxiety do not overcome our spiritual well being.

Take Actions
In the most absolute sense of the word, you will need to detox your body, and quickly get certain organ systems back in check.
Using some herbs and stopping all sexual activity momentarily, you should start to lower the production of ACh which will lower your DHT amounts. When you combine a lesser amount of production with the shortening of half-lives in the body, you will get back to normal levels of both the hormones that will excite you, along with the nuerochemicals that would prevent your body from responding to stimulus without your intent.

Effective healing herbs contain bioflavonoids, minerals, adaptagens and anti-inflammatory agents that help fight the production of DHT and help you control ejaculation better. It will also promote and encourage cell growth and rejuvenation to stop any premature ejaculation.
After that, it becomes a matter of psychological preparation, anxiety control, and inner peace. Your goal will then become the health of the prostate, and preventing future issues through direct action and passive meditation.

Additional Steps
You should always get your prostate checked if it is suspected to be causing sexual problems or any other sort of malady. Once you get into your thirties, it is wise to be checked at least once a year, and more often after you turn forty.

What to do

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