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By Herballove Editorial Conditions: Men's Premature Ejaculation Age: 36 - 55

He suffers from constant premature ejaculation. He wishes to be relived of the problem to continue to enjoy his sex life.

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I prematurely ejaculate often. During sex, I cannot last longer than a few minutes. My lack of endurance exasperates my wife. She feels unfulfilled. She feels annoyed. I too feel angered and upset by my sexual incompetence. I want to feel like a strong & younger man that I used to be. I want to enjoy sex. I want to show her my potent endurance.

After seeing a sexuologist, I learned that my premature ejaculation issue may be related to masturbation before puberty. As I admitted to him, yes, I do enjoy masturbating daily—sometimes multiple times a day. As a top executive of a large size corporation, masturbation relaxes me and is the only way to relieve my daily stress. It allows me to explore fantasies, and alleviate any distress. What are the dangers of over-masturbation? How does it affect P.E.? Does my excessive pre-cum cause a problem?


Excessive pre-cum leak out (Leaky Penis) is a big warning sign that perhaps your body’s hormone levels are unstable. Think of pre-cum as the penis’ personal lubrication tool that prepares it for an ejaculation. When an excess of pre-cum is released during sex, you will ejaculate much faster than without it. Because pre-cum is controlled by your body’s hormones, it can point to a hormone imbalance.

Get Your Hormones in Line
As you mentioned, you enjoy masturbating. It’s fine to polish the knob every now and again, but when it turns into an obsession, then it’s a problem. Over-masturbation can cause you to experience a common side effect called sexual exhaustion. Think of your sex life as a rubber band. You can stretch the rubber band repeatedly and it will always return to its normal shape. Sexual endurance works in the similar fashion. With the exception that once overstretched, it creates a rippling effect on the body. Too much sex/masturbation causes a hormone imbalance.

In your case, your hormones may be unbalanced as are neurotransmitter levels, in particular, serotonin. Serotonin is known to control mood, but it too manages your ejaculations. How? Because serotonin stimulates the parasympathetic nerves, which open the ejaculation valve during an orgasm, a lack of the neurochemicals cannot impede the opening of the valve. Instead, pre-cum is released in abundance and the nerve endings become over stimulated faster.

Improve Your Control
Over-masturbation plays a critical role in determining your sexual endurance. Men who engage in the activity have hyperactively aroused & exhausted their ejaculatory nerves and arc which are more tend to experience weaker erections, diminutive endurance, and erectile dysfunctions. In your case, you may experience all of the above problems, but P.E. seems as the more dominate issue. Still, all of your problems can be solved by balancing the hormones in your body and refraining from any type of sexual activity.
Hormones and neurotransmitters play a critical role in sex. When these neurochemicals see a reduction, the side effects vary. All-natural supplements can help stabilize your hormone levels and improve your endurance, while abstaining from sex can help restore a proper balance.

What to do

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Chase Health posted on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 13:03
You need to find an alternative to masturbating to relieve stress. There are multiple different ways that you can relieve your stress. I think everytime you masturbate you are only making your PE problems worse. Don't do that anymore, instead relax and enjoy a different method of stress relief.
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