Pragmatic Paths to Erectile Recovery

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Weak Erection Age: Over 56

Here we find a gentleman that is quite concerned his inability to get full erections, which is resulting in feelings of inadequacy. How can he get his penis back into the big leagues?

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I take medication for ADHD. When I was a kid, they didn’t have a diagnosis for this condition, and now in my late 50s, they do. The medication for the condition gives me super-human concentration power, allowing me to do my job twice as fast. But because I am older, I too notice that I cannot maintain a strong enough erection for satisfying sex. Could the medication too be damaging my ability to maintain an erection?


The ability for a man to get a rock-hard erection practically goes hand in hand, or some might say penis in hand, with his confidence level. Think about it for a minute; a guy makes plans with a woman he is dating, things go better than expected and he and his date wind up hanging out at his place, some wine is imbibed and things get a little steamy, and then [insert drooping sound] Mr. Happy unexpectantly takes the night off without telling his owner. Think about the resultant embarrassment, and later the shame and probable anxiety of thinking that this could be a chronic issue, which may only serve to develop into performance anxiety further perpetuating the inability to gain full erections. Let’s look at some of the root causes of disheartening condition.
Dangerous Pressure
In order to get a full erection, your penis needs to become engorged with blood. This happens when things get hot n’ heavy between a man and his partner, neurotransmitters fire off landing down around his member, and glands secrete hormones that signal for the blood (along with androgens) to fill up the interconnected penile blood chambers. One thing that can interfere with this process is a venous leak, which causes blood to suddenly evacuate from these chambers and the spongy intake tissue within them.

Another cause could be from a penile injury, either from a blunt force incident or masturbating with your penis too rigorously. Drugs may also be the culprit and a soft erection could be one of the side-effects of certain medications. Age can also play a role in this as well since men naturally lose testosterone as they get older. This issue should be promptly nipped in the bud since it could lead to an even more severe problem: impotence.
Realistic Recovery
How do you begin to face this issue? Well you can start by consulting your doctor and asking him or her if the medicine that was prescribed to you for your ADHD causes soft erections as one of its side-effects. If that isn’t the case consider that you could be experiencing a venous leak.
One way that you can really begin to tackle this problem is by taking a natural herbal formula. (TRY: Erection Restoration Remedy) These powerful natural remedies contain properties that can boost the amount of HGH, PGE-1, and testosterone into your penile chambers, and increase your blood flow and circulation so that these chambers can become more engorged with blood. Meanwhile, they can also help to repair any bruising or damaged penile blood vessels which will put a halt to any venous leaking. So take a natural, wholistic approach to regaining those hard erections once more, the only side-effect is a fuller sex life.

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Botanical Remedy For Weak Erection Restoration

Increase blood flow to the penis to support erections that are both weak and soft. If you suffer from venous leaks, thin arteries or vessels that constrict blood flow to the penis tissues. Read more
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