Pounding Prostate, Spasms of Suffering

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He's too young for prostate problems.... or is he? It seems hell-bent on ruining his sex life, and he has no idea why it's happening to his otherwise healthy self. What can he do to address the problem? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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I need help. I have had pain after ejaculating a number of times throughout my life. I am only 29 years old and this is the most unbearable pain I have felt. It goes on for 15 minutes and then I can't do anything. There's been a few times where the pain is so unbearable that I pass out. I feel the pain mostly in my prostate and it is horribly painful. I have no other sexual problems or health problems in fact. Will I be able to have sex and actually enjoy it? Maybe be ready for round 2 right away instead of being in pain.


The word “prostate” derives from a Greek word meaning “protector” or “guardian”. Its primary function is to provide “protection” for sperm cells in the form of prostatic fluid; this is the slightly alkaline, milky-to-white portion of semen. Accounting for half to three-quarters of ejaculate, by volume, the stuff helps sperm cells survive longer in the slightly acidic vaginal environment.
Medical professionals generally agree that a healthy prostate is slightly larger than a walnut, though it continues to grow throughout your life. Various factors may cause it to swell, most of which are categorized as various forms of prostatitis. Almost all of them, in turn, can cause complaints ranging from mild discomfort to the agony you describe.
While many vendors offer a wide array of possible treatments, ranging from herbal supplements to surgery, there is also one option that you can do with minimal assistance: prostate massage.
Rub A Different One Out
While women have a “G-spot” on the roof of their vaginal canal near the clitoris, men have the P-spot. This is the point at which the rectal canal passes close enough to the prostate for a finger or other object inserted into the rectum to massage the prostate through the rectal wall. In a normal, healthy state, a man experiencing his first prostate exam may also experience ejaculation and possibly a full-fledged orgasm. An inflamed prostate is even more sensitive, but the massage can release a larger-than-normal quantity of trapped fluid, which may assist in the healing process.
The Old Fashioned Way
You may massage your prostate by yourself. However, for men who are unused to the procedure or those who find it difficult to relax and prepare for it, the risk of potential injury is quite high. Therefore, you should ask your health-care provider for assistance or a referral in this matter. Key details for an enjoyable first time are well-trimmed fingernails, plenty of lubricant, clean gloves, sensitivity to the receiver's own experience, and relaxation. This page will give a strong introduction to preparation and safe technique. (SEE: Instant Prostate Pain Relief Massage)
21st Century Toys
Alternately, you might employ a specially-designed (and very sanitary) massaging device. They come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, materials and other details, suited for every preference and budget. Before you purchase your first such, however, I have to remind you that it is at least as easy to damage yourself with a prostate massager as it is for a human partner. It's also even more dangerous to experiment alone when you are just getting started, for much the same reason that you should never work out by yourself: sometimes someone else has to run and get help. This page will help you figure out the proper techniques to best suit your needs, though I also encourage you to experiment with different designs, materials, and whether or not you want it to vibrate... (Try: Prostate Massagers for Prostate Pain Relief)
Pointing The Way
Your health-care professional should give you an expert opinion on what's happening in your prostate. Certain situations, such as prostate cancer or certain types of prostatitis, will not be amenable to massage; you should also get clear advice on safety and hygiene to make sure the momentary pleasure does not turn into lasting discomfort at least as bad as the pain you're trying to get rid of. Follow the instructions, go slowly, and always allow yourself to use a little more lubricant. Good luck!

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