Post-Surgery Difficulty: Her Hysterectomy Has Made History of Her Orgasms

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Before her hysterectomy, she could reach orgasm five or six times in a row. Now, a year after her procedure, she can’t orgasm at all. Although her orgasm has changed her body, she can still experience sexual pleasure with the help of an herbal formula.

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One year ago I had a hysterectomy done. It was not as painful as I expected, but I did experience some major side effects. Before my operation, I could have sex and orgasm five or six times. Now that I had my operation, I cannot orgasm at all. Did my hysterectomy ruin my body?


A hysterectomy was once believed to end a woman’s femininity. Today, the stigma of this procedure is gone. Females of varying ages choose to have hysterectomies to improve their health and treat reproductive disorders. It is a surgery with as many risks and benefits as any other procedure, meaning it doesn’t signify the end of a woman’s beauty or sexual desire.
But a hysterectomy is not without complications, including those that affect intercourse. A woman’s major sexual organs are involved with this surgery, and the subsequent impact on desire and/or pleasure cannot be dismissed. The first step, therefore, is to understand the changes that have been made to your body.
Explaining a Hysterectomy
A hysterectomy removes the uterus so a woman can no longer get pregnant. Some women also have their ovaries, cervix and fallopian tubes removed. The extent of the procedure depends on its reason. For instance, a woman with cervical cancer likely needs a full hysterectomy, whereas a woman with a prolapsed uterus might only need her uterus removed.
The exact nature of the hysterectomy also dictates how a woman feels afterward. Removing the ovaries typically diminishes libido because they produce most of the body’s testosterone. This hormone is essential to sexual desire, and its reduction causes most women to lose interest in sex. A full hysterectomy can also produce feelings of sadness and reduce a woman’s confidence.
Hysterectomy and Orgasm
Although most people think of the uterus as nothing more than a womb, it is connected to the top of the vagina by the cervix. The cervix forms the neck of the uterus and is composed of soft, moist tissue. While this organ plays a crucial role in pregnancy and baby delivery, it also serves as a passage for the many complex nerves that connect the uterus to the vagina and clitoris. Because of this network, the uterus helps to increase sexual pleasure, and its health is essential for orgasms to occur.
Loss of the uterus can adversely affect the ability to have vaginal orgasms because the nerves involved in orgasm may be cut or destroyed during surgery. Removing the cervix can cause a similar reaction, especially in woman who enjoy having this organ stimulated during intercourse. After a hysterectomy, some may not be able to reach vaginal orgasm because the cervix is no longer in place.
Other women, however, don’t experience a change in the quality of their orgasms, only in the nature of their bodies. Vaginal dryness, for instance, may diminish because of changes in hormone levels. This can be easily remedied with a supplemental lubricant. Some women report missing the uterine contractions that previously accompanied their orgasms. Such a sensation cannot be replaced, but sexual pleasure can still be enjoyed.
Enjoy Sex after Hysterectomy
One of the key points to remember is that you can still achieve orgasm with clitoral stimulation. New sexual techniques and positions may also need to be tried, as acts that previously stimulated may no longer do so. This requires time and patience, but the reward will be worth the effort.
Along with perceiving sex in a different light, you should also consider changes to your lifestyle. Incorporating an all-natural herbal formula will improve genital sensitivity so you can again reach climax. (SEE: Female Restoration Formula) Ingredients like Dong Quai and American Ginseng support vaginal and clitoral health, while Black Cohosh and Evening Primrose Oil stimulate the body’s natural hormones. The result is healthy tissue and rejuvenated nerve endings in and around the vagina for ultimate pleasure.

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