Poor Cholesterol, Poor Erection! His Wife Isn’t Happy About the Bad State His Penis is In at Forty-Six

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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Men's Weak Erection Causes: hypertension Age: 36 - 55

He’s heading over the hill at forty-six, and his wife isn’t happy about it. He’s in the beginning stages of high cholesterol damage, and can barely seem to get or keep an erection. He wants to improve his erection strength, and get his normal sexual functioning back, and his wife is tired of always being the one to encourage his little man to stand. What can he do?

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I’ve been having troubles with my erections for some time. I’m forty-six, not in great shape, and my sex life is nothing like what it was when I was a young man. I enjoy sex, but most of the time, it takes a lot of effort to get my man up, and even then it’s not as stiff as it was. My wife is getting tired of all the extra work, and my doctor says part of the problem might be due to atherosclerosis. Do you have any suggestions for me?


Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries due to high cholesterol, is a killer for hard-ons. It causes the existing blood vessels to become tight and inflexible, and then effectually clogs them as the fatty plaque builds inside. Your penis needs strong, powerful blood flow to achieve erection, without that, you can kiss your erections goodbye.
Age Before Foodie
It’s not uncommon for persons of an age to be diagnosed with high cholesterol—especially when considering the diet of most of our first world countries today: too much rich food, too little exercise. And sometimes one is simply predisposed to high cholesterol through heredity, which is when the diagnosis is truly unfair, and can occur in those quite young.

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Best Practices
The best thing to do initially for high cholesterol is naturally to correct your diet as much as you can, and try to step up your exercise. This alone will promote your circulation to improve, which will help restore elasticity and strength to your blood vessels. You also need to look after your blood pressure at this period. Atherosclerosis can increase blood pressure to a dangerous degree by constricting blood vessels, and high blood pressure is another enemy to erection.
Two Ways to Lose
All the force of the blood attempting to push into the penis can go one of two ways. It can either cause a rupture of the hardened artery walls, in which you will experience venous leak and have continual issues maintaining erection, or, it can prevent you from achieving erection at all, due to the negative force exerted on the muscles controlling flaccidity of the penis.
Safer and Stronger
I recommend beginning an herbal course as you pursue further healthful activities, in order to prime your body for the changes to come, and to help it along. (SEE: ViaPal-hGH-X for Erection Recovery for Men with HBP) Ginseng is a blood purifier and holistic toner for your body—assisting you in cleansing and detoxifying the fatty plaque from your body. Pygeum has strong diuretic and clarifying powers, assisting the Ginseng in its work revamping your bodily systems. Cistanche is full of antioxidants, which have been shown to prevent heart disease and tissue aging, while Mexican Wild Yam, Pumpkin Seed, Grape Seed, and Epimedium all combine to encourage a strong, healthy erection.
I’m sure you’ll soon have your penis back in fighting form after a few weeks of this treatment and a change in lifestyle. It’s not easy to make new habits at this age, but if you want to get your erections back, this supplement is the best beginning, middle, and end you can make!

What to do

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