Pogo-stick Penis – Forceful Hands and Curved Penises

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Peyronie's Disease Symptoms: curved penis Age: 18 - 35

This case study concerns a man who has been masturbating excessively and with some rough movements, resulting in a penis which is curving off to the side. How can he overcome this issue in a natural way? Find out below.

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I started masturbating at a young age, around 12 or 13. Since then I don't do it quite as frequently, but my penis has a slight curve to the left. Is there any way I can correct this problem? Please let me know if there is anything I can do! Thanks.


As boys, males begin to masturbate at a young age as they begin to discover their sexuality. This is a time during which that girl sitting across from us in class goes from having cooties to being a cutie. As boys engage in masturbation at those younger ages as a way of discovering things, so also do young men in their late teens and early twenties start begin to use it as a way of relieving stress and anxiety (while still having fun at the same time of course). 
Rigorous Play
Along the way, young men also experiment and try different techniques in order to find out preferences, likes, and dislikes. Sometimes men can get stuck on certain modes of playing with Mr. Happy that aren't very healthy for their bodies such as hand movements that are too rough and abrasive. This can result in some men handling their penises like some sort of pogo stick out of control. 
As many men fall into a cycle of masturbating too much (over masturbation) combined with physically forceful techniques, they can rupture tiny penile veins and damage the soft tissue as well. In addition to this many times plaque will begin to develop in one or more sides of the penis and this will calcify and become harder and harder. 
As this happens, the local tissue becomes stiffer and less elastic while the skin directly over it is still malleable. As blood does its normal thing during arousal and fills the interconnected penile blood chambers for an erection it will no longer be able to stretch those inner affected areas so the tissue over it will bend it in the opposite direction, creating in a curved penis Peyronie's Disease).
So how do we get you out of this cycle of self-abuse?
Jumping Off of the Pogo-Stick
Since your masturbatory habits have caused your problems in the first place, naturally if you play Cool Hand Luke for a little while, at least until your curvature is corrected, you will be on the right path to recovery. That means no masturbation and no sex until your symptom is gone.
You also might consider taking a nourishing herbal formula. (SEE: Herbal Formula for for Penile Tissue Damage & Curvature) These specialized formulas can synergize with your body's natural healing processes and greatly augment them. In addition to this, they contain properties which will erode and eventually remove the plaque deposits within your penis, especially the  more hardened fibrotic material that has developed over the long-term. 
This recovery will not happen overnight but with some discipline and perseverance, you'll be back to having your original penis shape again as opposed to things becoming worse; and the best things about taking herbal remedies is that they are completely safe to use, as opposed to many pharmaceutical medications and their associated side-effects.

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