The PMS Blues - My fiancé has intercourse pains after taking birth control for four years

Learn how you can detox your body from the harsh chemicals left by birth control.

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My fiancé has intercourse pains after taking birth control for four years. She has stopped taking the pills, but now she sees brown discharge; experiences heavy bleeding during her period; and endures debilitating cramps. Together these problems make sex painful, not pleasurable. What’s wrong?


Painful PMS
Once upon a time, I went off of my birth control for about two years. At the time, I wasn't sexually active, and I began taking the pills less and less, stopping the use completely.

Naturally, as the chemicals slowly left my body, my periods gradually came back with a vengeful force; my menstrual cramps were more excruciating than ever before; my periods lasted longer then usual; and my flow was greatly increased.
Post Birth Control
When I brought up my situation to my OBGYN, she explained to me that what was happening was my body's natural reaction to not being on the pill any longer. To put it bluntly: things were going haywire because my body was trying to regulate and repair itself.

During those years of taking the pill, my liver had become so overloaded with chemicals that it had weakened my ability to detox the synthetic progesterone into natural progesterone, which protected the uterine lining. This sheer lack of chemicals enabled my liver to release unneeded amounts of SHGB protein that reduced free testosterone into my bloodstream. 
Taking Control Of Your PMS
The best way I found to quell my new and intense period pain was to take natural products. I knew that my body had been damaged by my last round of birth control, and I desperately needed to detox.

I began taking an herb called Wild Yam. Its menstrual calming properties and regulation of period cycles helped immensely. I would strongly recommend Wild Yam for a more seamless and much-less painful transition after stopping the use of birth control. (See: how Wild Yam can help you)

What to do

The Ying and The Yam

The headaches, the cramps, the bloatedness, even the debilitating fatigue can make menstruation a drag. Read more
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