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Playing With Mr. Happy A Little Too Much, And As A Result, He Is Experiencing Some Painful Side-effects

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Penis Pain & Injury Symptoms: penis numbness Age: 18 - 35

Here’s an interesting case involving a gentleman who has been playing with Mr. Happy a little too much, and as a result, he is experiencing some painful side-effects. This can be a serious issue. How will he get past this predicament? Let’s find out.

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I’ve noticed multiple scaring signs on the skin of my penis. Years before, I loved sex for the wonderful stimulation it provided for my penis. Now, stroking my skin hurts. If you were to see my skin, you would think it’s eczema, however, it’s scar tissue that tends to peel if I rub too much. Now, I avoid sex because of the penis pain. To make matters worse, I’ve noticed my erectile strength decrease because of the lack of sensitivity and pain associated in the region. Please, what’s wrong with me?


From a 2000 Volt to a 9 Volt
Let’s be real here, us guys love to masturbate. It’s a natural source of fun and pleasure for us. Too much of it however, can result in some really painful consequences; literally. When you start to feel actual pain in your penises, the feeling can be excruciating.

You have broken your penis
This special type of pain can ruin your sex life and completely mess up intimacy between you and your sexual partner. Penis pain is no joke; it may lead to more serious, reoccurring trauma, which can lead to men not being able to lead a normal, productive life, as a result of persistent, chronic penile pain. This not only hinders your social life, and impairs your job performance, but it can also destroy your sex life.  
Think of your body’s resources, in relation to sex, as one big battery. Every time you engage in masturbation or sex, it drains it little by little, and the more that you use it, the less of a charge it has. You used to have hard erections because your body had a healthy backup reserve of hormones and neurotransmitters. That initial fire and lust for sex begins with testosterone. But as you’ve been ejaculating too often, you’ve depleted your testosterone hormones too fast for your body’s ability to produce and replace it.

As a result, your erections are now much more flaccid. The abrasions on your penis are simply due to too much vigorous hand movement with your penis, and the numbness is a result of damage to your penile nerve endings. So what can we do about your issues?
Recharge Your Batteries
You can start by taking a break from masturbation. Give yourself a few weeks and refrain from play time to let your body heal itself naturally. This will also help stabilize your out-of-whack hormonal levels, and reduce your overall stress levels.

In order to reverse the ill-effects of excessive masturbation, COMPLETELY stop sexual activity during this time. When you do come back to it, begin at a lower frequency, such as 2 to 3 times a week (no more than 4) instead of everyday. Also, make sure that you are getting the proper nutrients into your body by skipping out on junk food and begin a healthy diet.
Taking a natural healing supplement can help to alleviate the discomfort and pain that you are experiencing (Fix It With: Penile Pain & Nerve Rejuvenation Remedy) . Recovering from penis pain can be a long process, but with these powerful botanical healing herbs, you can accelerate your body’s repair and regeneration process, rejuvenating the damaged tissues inside of your penile chambers.

These formulas also promote the production of dopamine, which is used to stimulate your penis, as well as acetylcholine, which keeps your levels of excitement high. They can also boost nitric oxide, a chemical which signals from your brain to your penis that it’s time to stay hard for a while. So let’s get you back on track and on the road to recovery.

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