Pills are Going in, Discharge is Coming out: The Unpleasant Side Effects of Birth Control

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Like many other women on birth control, she’s experiencing brown vaginal discharge. She recognizes this problem as the likely result of the pill – and she’s right. Hormonal imbalances caused by birth control are to blame. Now, the question is what will she do to correct this imbalance?

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I read a post about a woman with heavy brown discharge while using a birth control pill. I was kind of stunned while reading because I realized it was the same situation I was in. I am also experiencing dark brown discharge these past few days. Is this normal? Could it be due to some sort of hormonal changes in my body?


Before going any further, it must be said that brown discharge is not normal – ever. A lot of health care professionals try to dismiss this side effect by saying it should “go away” after three or four months of consistent birth control use. But this sign should be taken as one that demonstrates the serious effects oral contraceptives have on the body.
A Saga of Controversy
Birth control has been under fire since it was made available to the public in 1960. Some religious leaders claim it’s unethical, anti-abortion groups say it’s akin to abortion because it prevents a fertilized egg from implantation and some health officials question what it does to the female body. This last point is particularly important, because the argument over whether or not birth control is safe still hasn’t been decided.
In order to prevent pregnancy, birth control works on three different levels: it prevents ovulation by “tricking” the body into thinking it’s already released an egg; thins the uterine lining to make it difficult for a fertilized embryo to implant; and increases vaginal mucus so sperm can’t move as freely from the vagina to the cervix and through the uterus.
These processes cannot be accomplished without significant interference of the body’s natural hormones. This doesn’t sound like much, but those hormones – namely estrogen and progesterone – are produced in delicate harmony with each other. They work diligently to prepare the female body for pregnancy, an event that requires unseen activities like the production of a thick uterine lining to nourish a fetus. If pregnancy doesn’t occur, the uterine lining is shed during menstruation.
The Explanation for Brown Discharge
It’s necessary to have this information so you understand the brown discharge caused by birth control. Oral contraceptives contain artificial blends of estrogen and progesterone. Once ingested, the body treats these in the same manner as it treats natural hormones. This is the primary reason why imbalances occur: the body was designed to handle only so many chemicals at once.
Hormonal imbalance is the reason birth control produces so many side effects. Hormones don’t only control reproductive functions – they also play a role in mood, weight and even appearance. Considering the responsibilities they maintain, it’s surprising oral contraceptives are as popular as they are. Those tiny pills wreak havoc on the mind and body.
Progesterone and estrogen both escalate before and during ovulation. If a woman doesn’t become pregnant at this time, hormone levels drop and menstruation begins. This sheds the uterine lining explained above so the entire process can begin again.
Like menstruation, brown discharge also contains blood from the uterine lining. Rather than the lining developing as normal, birth control causes it to be thin and watery. This is the effect not only of imbalanced hormones, but also of birth control itself to discourage pregnancy. When it’s too thin to remain in the uterus until menstruation, the lining sheds in the form of discharge.
Simple Detoxification for Your Health
The effects of birth control do not have to be permanent, and you can take control of your body by detoxifying excessive hormones. But don’t think of detoxification as something you have to do on your own – you can use an all-natural formula to do the work for you. (TRY: Natural Formula For Vaginal Infection Detox & Relief) Blended with such herbs as Mexican Wild Yam and Calendula, the formula ramps up liver function so this organ can process toxins caused by birth control. It also improves vaginal health to stop brown discharge and restore your peace of mind.

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