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Woman has been trying to become pregnant, but has so far not been successful. She hasn’t had her period for several months, but she has been tested and is definitely not pregnant. She can’t decipher what the problem might be, and wants to become pregnant badly. What is going on here?

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We have been trying for a baby for some time with no luck. Lately I haven't had my period for a few months now and took a pregnancy test, negative. I went to the doctor, negative. I had blood work done, negative. I don't know what my problem can be. Please help.


I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been having such trials trying to become pregnant. However, I do feel that the problem you’re experiencing is the symptom of why you’re unable to become pregnant, that problem being your lack of menstruation. 
Women Bleed for a Reason
It’s highly abnormal for a female to stop menstruating—when such a thing occurs, it’s almost impossible for her to become pregnant. The reason for this is due to the levels of hormones necessary for both ovulation and menstruation. Amenorrhea, the lack of a period, usually also indicates an ovulatory phase in which an egg is not released for fertilization.
As I mentioned, it’s really a big problem if you aren’t experiencing menarche. The number one hormone that controls menstruation and ovulation is estrogen. If you have chronically low estrogen, your body will stop menstruating, and it will also stop producing eggs. Such a low level of estrogen tells your body that something is seriously wrong, and that it isn’t a good time for you to carry a child for nine months.
Why Is It Missing?
Chronically low estrogen levels can be caused by a number of things, mostly diseases of the thyroid and pituitary glands, or the hypothalamus in the brain. You mention that you’ve had blood work done, but have you had a hormonal workup performed? This does not have to be a blood test, and can be as simple as a sample of saliva. The test will indicate whether you are, in fact, estrogen deficient, then you and your doctor can work to discover why.
Seed Starter
Your body can’t lay the foundation for a healthy pregnancy without proper levels of estrogen—it stimulates the follicles to release the egg, and tells your uterus to prepare a thick, nutritious layer of endometrium for the egg to latch onto. This endometrium is what’s shed each month during your period. No endometrium means no period, but also means no landing ground for the egg.
Replenish and Rejuvenate
At this time, assuming your estrogen levels test out to be quite low, I would recommend some type of hormone replacement therapy. Your doctor will be best able to advise you on this issue. Estrogen is comprised of three separate chemicals: estrone, estradiol, and estriol; estradiol packs the most punch of the three, and has also been shown to have the least negative repercussions in the body. I would recommend an estradiol supplement at this time, being that it is the most for the least, as it were.
Along with hormone replacement, I suggest increasing the circulation in and around your genital area through the use of an herbal supplement. (LOOK AT: Herbal Formula for Difficult Conception) This will help your body to disperse the hormones, as well as to keep your uterus and ovaries healthy and happy. Good circulation will be vital when you do conceive, and it will help your body prepare the perfect place for your fertilized egg. I wish you the best of luck in your search for a new baby!

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