The Penis Pump – Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Impotence Causes: penis pump Symptoms: erection pain bruised penis Age: 18 - 35

A man looks for a quick-fix for penis size gains and in his desperation buys a penis pump. Now he can’t get it up and he’s wondering how to reverse the damage done to his package.

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I was using a penis pump, and I guess pumped too much. When I over pumped, my erection dissipated, and now, I cannot gain or maintain an erection. Any advice?


Rick sped home from work in his car, excited that today was the day that he’d finally get his hands on the new penis pump he’d ordered from an online shop. His tires screeched into his driveway announcing his arrival, and he leapt out of his car, ran up on the porch, and snatched the box that was sitting there…just waiting for him.
False Promises
He’d show his recent date Monica that he wasn’t a “little man” down there as she had called him while sniggling. Yeah, he’d show her alright; now he’d be whipping out a Dirty Harry style .44 Magnum, instead of a puny little one-shot Derringer.
Rick’s heart thudded in his chest as he slammed his front door behind him, placed the box onto his kitchen table and commenced to ripping it apart. After crudely unwrapping his new penis pump, he hastily tossed the wrapping and the instructions for usage into the trash. He’d briefly spotted something about a hazard on the instruction sheet, but he knew what he was doing. How hard could it be to operate?

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Pure Pumpage
In the following weeks he pumped his penis, and pumped…and pumped…and pumped it some more. Initially, his member seemed to gain some size as he pumped away on it. However, as time rolled by he started to notice some deep purple bruising on his package, and it started losing some sensation. Soon, his erections had disappeared and Monica bolted for good on him.
Like Rick, if you pump your penis with one of these devices you can not only rupture penile blood vessels and tissues, but also severely damage your nerves down there. The penis is a very delicate and complex organ, and it is not made to be vacuumed with a pump in order to create artificial erections. So now I bet you’re wondering how you can undo all of the self-inflicted damage, right?
Botanical Boost
It would be wise to immediately stop using the penis pump on your poor withered wiener. Use it for a doorstop or something, or maybe a car vacuum, but keep it away from your penis.
If you want to really get on the fast track to recovery, taking an herbal solution can really help. (TRY: Natural Herbal Penile Pain Rejuvenation & Restoration) The properties contained within these powerful mixtures can start to mend ruptured penile veins, repair damaged tissues, and completely rejuvenate those all-important nerve endings.
This can all help to re-regulate proper blood flow to your penile blood chambers, as well as provide improved sensation throughout your wee-wee for heightened sexual satisfaction. Firmer erections are also part of this healing process, so you can look forward to getting that morning wood again, and impressing your sex partners.
Give it a go and catapult yourself back into a full sex life!

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Penile Pain, Fracture, & Nerve Rejuvenation Remedy

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