Penis Pain- What Is Wrong With My Bent Penis?

A young man suffers from weak and painful erections as well as a curved penis as a result of Peyronie’s Disease, caused by excessive masturbation or injury

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I am 22 years old and in good health, but I have been experiencing some sexual problems. My symptoms include erectile pain, weak erections that do not last and sometimes, impotence. I also have a curved penis that seems to make the act of sex difficult. What is wrong with me?


Suffering from sexual problems at a young age can be a traumatic experience. Most men that are younger than 40, assume that they are in peak sexual condition and cannot suffer from the same sexual malfunctions as older males.

Even though you are young, you have likely been masturbating since your teen years. Years of excessive masturbation can cause the symptoms you are experiencing as well as other erectile disorders.
Peyronie’s Disease
You are suffering from Peyronie’s Disease. Peyronie’s disease can happen to men of all ages and is characterized by an extreme curving of the erect penis. This curvature is caused by scar tissue that can form under the skin.

When the penis becomes erect, this scar tissue pulls the penis to one side and makes it curve. Peyronie’s Disease does not only cause cosmetic problems, but can also cause pain and impotence.
Peyronie’s Disease is most often caused by excessive masturbation. Masturbation excessively for long periods of time can cause the penis to become damaged and bent. As the body tries to heal the damaged penis, scar tissue is created.

Although Peyronie’s Disease is most commonly caused by excessive masturbation, there are other things that can cause it as well. If you penis has ever slipped out of your partner during sex and hit against her pelvis, it may have become bent and damaged.

Any trauma to the penis can cause scar tissue to grow and result in Peyronie’s Disease. Even if you did not experience pain or notice a curve in your penis at the time of the accident or trauma, you may notice it later on in life.
Getting Help
Many men are embarrassed of their curved penises and avoid medical help. A curved penis is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is believed that ten percent of all men are affected by Peyronie’s Disease. Some mild cases of the disease can improve on their own, with time.

Other, more serious cases require medical treatments such as oral medications and even surgery. If you prefer to treat your Peyronie’s Disease in a natural way, you may want to consider herbal treatments.

Herbal treatments can increase the blood flow to the penis so it can heal faster and provide critical amino acids that allow protein growth, which can restore the penis and make it healthier.

What to do

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