Penis Pain – Caused by Penile Exercises

This case study is interesting in that it involves a man that has been using dangerous penile exercises in the form of jelqing. He’s pulled his penis out of shape and is now experiencing pain in his penile shaft. How can he be helped to overcome this harmful side-effect?

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I write to you from Italy hoping you can help me. I damaged my penis with bad jelqing technique and after more than 1 year I still suffer pain. Basically I stretched last year for 1 month my penis at full erection and since then I have pain in the shaft of the penis. I did various medical examinations in flaccid and full state, also I did magnetic resonance in flaccid and full state but the doctors found nothing special.
Still I suffer a lot of pain if I masturbate or have sex and this pain remains for many days. The doctors gave me many erectile pills but did not cure my pain. As I said anatomically speaking they found nothing. Please can you help me? I'm really, really desperate.


Don’t worry, you’re not alone; many men feel that they don’t have enough size in the penile department to fully satisfy a woman. Just the other day someone told me that he had felt inadequate and insecure after meeting a “really hot girl,” because he didn’t know what she would think about his size, or lack thereof if and when they became intimate. I had advised him that women are always preaching that it’s not about the size, just how a man uses it, so maybe that would ease his nervousness.
Jerking Gone Wrong
Well, when things got down to it she ended up playing him off after seeing his member and hasn’t talked to him since. So it is understandable that men go to various lengths (no pun intended) to increase their penile size. Unfortunately, there are many snake-oil salespeople out there waiting in the wings for these guys, and they market various gimmicks including penis pumps, rings, and exercises. 
And you’ve chosen the latter which is understandable; it’s just that now you’re playing with Mr. Happy down there like he’s a cow’s nipple. Pulling outward on your penis is unnatural and also very harmful to your penile tissue and nerve endings, plus it causes ruptures to your blood vessels, and inflammation, leading to pain and discomfort.
If that wasn’t bad enough, through abusing your penis with vigorous hand moments, you’re building up scar tissue within your penile chambers and tissues which will eventually lead to a restriction in blood flow and penile curvature. We don’t want that to happen now do we? Read on to find out how to get back on track.
As a result of damaging your penile nerves, every time that you engage in masturbation your penis becomes inflamed, causing pain. Take Mr. Happy on a little vacation for a few weeks and abstain from any sexual activity; you’re just exacerbating the problem and making it worse. Also, stop doing those dopey and harmful jelqing techniques which have already done enough damage.
Taking a natural herbal formula can only accelerate your healing process. The properties contained within them can help to promote nitric oxide and growth hormone production which can heal ruptured blood vessels and penile bruising, and increase blood circulation. (SEE: Penile Nerve Rejuvenation Caused by Injury) They can also boost your prostaglandin E-1 and E-3 production which in turn repair damaged penile nerve endings and tissues. After your symptoms disappear and you go back to masturbating, make sure that you are only engaging in it a maximum of 4 days per week; you don’t want it to develop into an unhealthy obsession.  Remember, you’ve only got one body and one penis, so take care of them both.

What to do

Penile Injury & Nerve Rejuvenation Solution For Chafing & Bruises

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