The Penis Is Not A Muscle

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This guy thought he could make his penis bigger by exercising it. It works for muscles, why not his boner? Unfortunately, the penis is not a muscle, and treating it like one is a sure-fire way to damage it and subsequently reduce your sexual pleasure. Read on to see what has gone wrong, and how you might be able to repair the damage if you're in a similar situation.

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I’ve seen how professional boxers strengthen their neck muscles. They put on this special helmet that dangles weight below their shoulders. I tried the same technique on my head—and not the one attached to my neck. I strapped a series of small weights around my penis in hopes of increasing the size. But rather than increase the size, I only increased my pain threshold. Now the skin surrounding my penis appears like someone took a meat hammer and pounded my flesh giving it a purplish hue. What did I do to my penis and how can I reverse the numbness and bruising?


We guys can't help it. We're constantly bombarded with messages from the media, saying that we need to exercise and “bulk up”. However, if we were paying closer attention, we might notice that none of these ads ever focus on our penises, and with good reason: the penis does not get bigger the way a muscle will, because they are composed of completely different tissues and operate on completely different principles.
You Can't Get There Like That
Your muscle cells do their jobs mechanically, by contracting their lengths and expanding their width. They get bigger by a careful process of breaking down the muscle fibers and letting your body repair them in such a way that you wind up with more muscle fibers afterward. Your penis gets erect hydraulically, by forcing fluid (specifically, blood) into special chambers around your urethra and trapping it there until given the neural signal to open the valves and let the blood return to the bloodstream. In order to permanently increase your length and girth, you have to increase fluid capacity from within.
Pumping Up Right
Your erection is supported by two different types of tissue. One is a pair of tubes that actually makes your penis stiff, called the corpus cavernosa. The other is the corpus spongiosum, which is what keeps your urethra from collapsing while you're hard. Notice that there are no muscles or actual bones involved in the process. This should be your most important clue that treating your erection like a muscle is not the way to go. 
Kings of the Land, Emperors of the Bedroom
Building up your erection and keeping it bigger requires a completely different approach. You need to stimulate the tissues to grow by supplying your body with lots of specific nutrients, as well as encouraging your body to produce more of the hormones necessary to increase the hydraulic pressure your penis tissues can stand. In addition, you need to encourage your body to produce the substances necessary for repairing the wear-and-tear inflicted on them after every orgasm and ejaculation
In fact, while some historians say that the knowledge for doing so has been around for thousands of years (particularly in India and China), it was considered a state secret, reserved for kings or emperors or the equivalents. In earlier societies where multiple wives were the norm, the male leader was expected to be able to satisfy all of them, as often as necessary. You can see why such men were keenly interested in any possible edge they could get in maintaining their erections for as long as possible, while avoiding any medical complications. Which means that most erectile drugs commonly available would NOT meet their rigorous standards, as the long-term side-effects (hair loss, vision trouble, even cardiac problems) are not worth the short-term benefits.
What Can I Do?
First things first: you should stop doing the “exercises” or using the “tools” that had been causing the damage. Then, reduce your sexual activities as much as possible for about two to three weeks. While there were many special exercises developed over the centuries, such as the Penile Ballooning Technique, they may do more harm than good for men whose penises are already damaged. To repair a penis that has been subjected to abuse from ill-advised exercising or erectile drugs, you should try an herbal supplement designed specifically for such situations. (TRY: Penile Injury & Damage Repair) This herbal supplement, will help to repair nerves and other tissues, as well as stimulate production of the hormones and other nutrients that will allow your erection to expand beyond its previous size.

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