PENIS GROWTH – A Practical Guide to Penile Growth for Married Men Ages 18-35

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Penis Enlargement Age: 18 - 35

In this case, we find a married gentleman that has fallen out of favor in the bedroom with his wife. The cause? She feels (or rather doesn’t) that his penis can’t satisfy her. How can he overcome this?

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Hi. My name is Litto and I am married to my beautiful wife. She always complains about my penis being "too small" and this causes her the inability to enjoy sex. She is done having sex with me because she is not satisfied. What can I do to get my penis bigger? I want to have sex with my wife and have a larger penis so she is happy.


The Empire State Building was constructed in 1939 and was an engineering feat that was rare for its time. Not only did people flock to gaze at its marvelous splendor, but it was the envy of many a nation that could not afford and/or have the technical and engineering talent pool to erect their own skyscrapers. 

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Summary: A man has lost the vote of confidence from his wife because of his poor size. Now to rekindle his love life, one man aims to grow his penis size. Find out how he did it, and for even more help, please post your comments below or share your details on the forum.
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Later, as building materials became lighter, stronger, and more affordable, and other countries produced their own highly skilled engineers, other tall buildings went up. From the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, to the Shanghai Tower in China, the United States wasn’t the only big boy in town anymore. And let’s face it: Tall buildings and other structures are phallic symbols, and just how taller equates to more prestigious, a larger, longer penis is seen as more potent and virile. 
What happens when you are getting into the mood with your wife is that neurotransmitters start to fire off from your brain to your reproductive system, signaling for your body to release sex hormones through your glands. From there, blood is mobilized from other parts of your body and floods the interconnected chambers in your penis.
Within each of these chambers are sponge-like tissues which take up and retain the blood, keeping your erection hard throughout your sexy-time. When some of these tissues are damaged, they can no longer hold as much blood as they used to, and you end up with a smaller member. So how do we get you back to normal?
Real Growth
First of all, it’s a good thing that you haven’t gotten to the point to where you’ve done something rash and hasty, a quick-fix if you will, like running off and getting surgery. Not only are these procedures potentially dangerous for your health, but you could very well end up with a Franken-penis which could be good if you wanted to join a circus. 
A much safer, pragmatic method would be taking a natural botanical formula. (SEE: Penis Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth) These powerful natural remedies can promote better blood circulation, enabling your penis to become more engorged with blood in your penis chambers, as well as repairing the penile tissue within them. Over time, this will eventually lead you to having a larger penis. This is not a quick-fix; something that works rarely is. But with a little patience and discipline, you can do it. Remember, you don’t have to have the biggest skyscraper in the world, but something in the mid-range is definitely attainable.

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