Penile Girth Growth is Making His Ejaculation Like White Crazy Glue

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By Larry Heinderman Conditions: Men's Penis Enlargement Age: 18 - 35

He has healed from urinary frequency and prostate problems, but he still suffers from a long refractory period which weakens his erections in the short term.

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I am a healthy person that does not drink or smoke, but I have been masturbating excessively for over 6 years. After experiencing some difficulty getting hard erection and decide to work on getting a bigger penis, I have slowed down my frequency to once per week and started Penile Girth Growth Technique. Good news is that hard erection and morning erection have returned. My size is getting a bit bigger. Do I still need to contract my prostate to assist my erection for ejaculation? I noticed that it took a lot longer to get erection back after the ejaculation. And now the ejaculation has become white and sticky, almost like glue.


Penile Girth Growth Technique has strengthened your erections to prevent you from having to contract your PC (pelvic) muscles.  This is good, because over-worked the PC muscles can lead to seminal leakage and premature ejaculation. 

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Summary: Penile girth growth technique rejuvenated the damaged penile tissues and nerves helping him gained back the erection firmness and morning erection.
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Since we don't know much about your lifestyle, it's hard to know what's causing your lack of erectile stamina and long refractory period.  Causes include poor diet, lack of exercise, drug and medication use, and illness, among many others. Sexual fatigue is different for everyone, but ejaculating a few times a week should not weaken your erections. It seems that you have not fully recovered from sexual exhaustion.
When you are practicing Penile Girth Growth Technique along with herbal supplementation, your adrenal glands and sex organs produce more androgen hormones which stimulate and rejuvenate your overall sexual functions. That is why you see more healthy sperms produced without prostate gland working over-time resulted in white & think ejaculate.

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roberthal posted on Sun, 02/26/2017 - 04:06
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Versie Correa's picture
Versie Correa posted on Fri, 09/26/2014 - 12:39
Just wanted to stop by this site and give some positive feedback. My husband has definitely been taking his Deer Antler as of late, and I am one happy girl. Since he has turned forty-five, my husband has struggled to keep an erection up and running throughout our love making.

I worried for many months that he just no longer found me attractive, but once we really sat down and talked about it, he explained that that wasn't the case at all. Once we both kind of understood what exactly was going on, we began to move forward in trying to find a way to get him rock-steady again.

Thankfully, this site had all of the answers we were looking for. Not only is my husband now able to have and keep an erection during sex, it is also a considerable amount larger than before.

I just wanted to thank everyone here at the site for the support and help. . .And of course the Antlers!
nerina hayazu's picture
nerina hayazu posted on Tue, 09/09/2014 - 16:51
This might be a dumb question, but I've been wondering lately if it is at all possible to increase the girth of your penis without elongating it as well? I am actually pretty happy with my size, but I feel like the girth is not really up to par. When I am not erect my penis sort of just resembles a limp noodle. Long and almost string-like, with a head on the end.

I really do not want to gain any more inches, but if it is a necessity to increasing the girth, I guess that's just the way it will have to be. What matters most to me, in this situation anyway, is that everything looks proportionate.

I am hoping that there is something out there that could help me. I am finally going to see my wife after three long months of not even being in the same country as she is, and I would really like to surprise her with a new and improved penis. Is there anything out there that will do exactly what I need it to, or am I just hopeless?
Brent Patton's picture
Brent Patton posted on Fri, 08/22/2014 - 15:55
Though over masturbation can be pretty detrimental to ones penis, the damage is not necessarily irreversible. The obvious first step of penile repair would be to stop masturbating all together. For women, I recommend at the very least, a month long abstinence pact. It might seem a little over zealous for some, but you have to consider all the different things the female form is capable of.
For men, I think the time of rest could be a little less sever. About two weeks should do the trick. Once you have that under control, you may start the process of elongating your penis

To do this you will need to utilize natural ingredients such as Pyrola, Deer Antler, and Panax Genseng. These herbs will help to enlarge the chambers within the shaft of the penis. Once the chambers have grown a considerable amount, more blood will be able to fill them. More blood means a stronger, longer erection that will not falter.
Arianna Lynn's picture
Arianna Lynn posted on Fri, 07/11/2014 - 10:55
The refractory period. I dread this point in men. It sucks that they can't last longer or go at it another round right after the first one. It is so much easier for us ladies, we orgasm, and immediately we are ready for round 2. This would make sex so much more enjoyable.
Irvin Pizarro's picture
Irvin Pizarro posted on Tue, 06/11/2013 - 09:40
6 years of masturbating. That doesn't seem like too long of a time but also doesn't seem like a short time. I think the way this guy described the ejaculation seems sort of normal. So that news must be great for him after experiencing all the problems.
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