As Parched as the Sahara: Severe Vaginal Dryness Keeps Her from Having Sex and Enjoying Daily Activities

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She and her boyfriend both enjoy sex – except for when her vagina’s dry. The problem is becoming more pronounced, and she can only endure about 10 minutes of lovemaking. Intercourse isn’t the only activity that causes her fluids to retreat. Throughout the day, when she’s performing her usual routine, she can feel her skin down there start to chafe. She needs a simple and effective remedy to get her juices flowing.

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These past few weeks, I have been dealing with an extremely dry vagina. I really enjoy sex, and so does my boyfriend. I don’t know why I have been getting so dry – too dry to have sex. When I’m going throughout my day, it will start hurting because the skin starts to chafe. As I mentioned earlier, my boyfriend and I enjoy sex, and we try to have it every day, but I always end up the same: dry. Ten minutes of intercourse is the most I can take before I get so dry that it hurts both of us. What should I do about my problems?


One of the most notable features of the vagina is its ability to stay lubricated. Some are turned-off by the vagina’s moist environment, but this wetness is a good thing. It helps vaginal walls stay firm, prevents damage to tissues and expels toxins. The vagina’s natural lubrication even facilitates intercourse.
Without wetness, a woman’s nether-regions are bound to suffer. The vaginal lips rub against each other and become chaffed, as you have noticed. Dryness can also cause vaginal walls to atrophy, or become thin. During sex this condition causes outright pain or makes penetration altogether impossible.
Dryness: Not Reserved for Women of Advanced Age
Vaginal dryness is unfortunately mired in myth. People tend to attribute the trait only to women over 50, but it can afflict ladies of all ages. Many also perceive dryness to be a trait of women who don’t enjoy sex. This simply isn’t true. Dryness severely impedes sex, but the two are not always connected – as in your case, where daily activities cause vaginal tissues to rub and irritate each other.
To understand dryness, you must first understand wetness. This comes from two different places: the cervix contains glands that produce mucous and in turn create vaginal wetness; and vaginal walls secrete fluid derived from blood flow to the genitals. In this second scenario, sexual arousal causes physical changes in the body like increased heart rate, deeper breathing and muscle tension. The vagina increases slightly in size as blood rushes to the region, and lubrication becomes more pronounced. Don’t worry – all of these changes are nature’s way of encouraging sex.
The role of estrogen must be noted here because it prompts the release of all vaginal fluids. The problem with estrogen is its vulnerability to fluctuations. Levels rise before ovulation and then drop dramatically just prior to menstruation. This means vaginal fluids bounce around in a similar manner. More to the point, anything that causes estrogen to increase or decrease – such as birth control pills, diet or certain medications – can interfere with vaginal lubrication.
When Lubrication Isn’t Enough
Rather than discussing vaginal dryness in an open and engaging manner, most women try to conceal their conditions by using over-the-counter lubricants. These lubes are terrific for women who at some point during sex become a little dry or want to enhance their own wetness. But they are not ideal for women who produce no or very minute amounts of vaginal fluids.
A better way to overcome vaginal dryness is to consume plenty of water each day. The Mayo Clinic recommends at least eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid every 24 hours. Water helps tissues retain moisture so they are naturally supple.
You should also avoid wipes, powders, douches, soaps, and sprays that contain harsh chemicals. These products promise to make a woman smell “fresh,” but they can weaken skin cells and even cause rashes. When you wash, simply use warm water and gentle soap.
A Natural Way to Balance Your Hormones
It is impossible to correct vaginal dryness without considering hormone levels. We already discussed the ways in which estrogen contributes to healthy vaginal fluids. Sometimes, however, the body needs an extra boost in terms of hormonal balance. This is why we recommend Wild Yam Moisturizing Gel for Vaginal Dryness.
Wild yams have a long history of correcting sexual dysfunctions in men and women. Inside the female body, this tuberous vine mimics the effects of estrogen without upsetting natural hormone levels. This means Wild Yam can relieve the burden of vaginal dryness and produce no unwanted side effects.

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