Paired Problems Produce Paucity of Pleasure

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By Perrin Rynning Conditions: Men's Impotence Causes: SSRI marijuana Age: 36 - 55

Marijuana has been as much a part of his life as regular meals, and he’s also been taking antidepressants for a long time. Together, they have robbed him of his ability to achieve orgasm. What's going on? Can he fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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I smoke marijuana on a daily basis and I have taken antidepressants for several years -- mostly SSRIs. Because of my habits, I cannot achieve an orgasm, an issue that continues to be the source of great frustration in my marriage of 35 years.


Anthropologists who study the matter usually agree that marijuana was historically consumed as part of a greater ceremony, or at least under conditions similar to the Christian “communion” rite. Quite dissimilar from lighting up whenever the desire strikes, as happens today.
Likewise, pharmacological treatments for depression have only been scientifically recognized since the early 1950s. The intricate link between mental health and the biochemical balance within the brain remains poorly understood, as does the delicate link between both and the health of the rest of the body.
Combining marijuana with antidepressants, therefore, represents something akin to simultaneously pouring two different home-brewed distillations of naptha (a chemical precursor to gasoline) of questionable composition into the tank of a high-performance race car with a wide-open throttle.
Let’s take a look at how these compounds work, so you can get a clearer idea of how they’re affecting your ejaculation mechanism.

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Puffing For Prostaglandin
Proper sexual functions require several hormones, but let’s focus on two for now. Prostaglandin e-2 dilates your blood vessels so enough blood gets into your erectile tissues, and e-3 constricts your blood vessels back to normal. Marijuana, as well as excessive masturbation, forces your body to manufacture more e-2 and less of the others. You don’t have a permanent erection while you’re smoking because erections involve a lot more than just those three hormones, but too much e-2 will cause the tissues around the blood vessels to swell up, constricting the blood vessels even more severely than they were normally. And when not enough blood can get into your penis, your erection is weak or doesn’t arise at all.
SSRI Shell Game
SSRIs work by dialing down the action of your pituitary gland and your liver, which in turn leads to your brain manufacturing more of a hormone called prolactin. You need particular levels of it to maintain healthy body functions and moods. Remember that the “I” in “SSRI” stands for “Inhibitor” and among the things it inhibits is your liver’s ability to filter out the aforementioned extra levels of prolactin, as well as the neural signals to and from your genitals. You probably have very limited sensation down there, and your seminal production may likely amount to almost nothing.
Taking The Even Higher Road
You should seriously consider reducing your SSRI dosage, frequency, or use altogether, as the drawbacks of continued use clearly outweigh the benefits. Your pot-smoking habit is even more of a no-brainer: stop it immediately. Not permanently, though that would probably be an excellent idea, but at least long enough for your liver to regenerate and filter out the accumulated toxins. Be prepared to go without for at least three solids weeks or more, depending on your health-care provider’s assessment of your liver’s condition.
I recommend improving your eating habits, with particular emphasis on taking in more zinc and B-vitamins to assist in regenerating the tissue damage. Properly-prepared oysters, crab and lobster are an excellent source of both. Lean meat, toasted wheat germ and pumpkin seeds provide high levels of zinc. Leafy green vegetables, dairy products and eggs should cover most of your B-complex needs. You may find that the simple acts of preparing food helps calm you down; maybe not as quickly or as obviously as weed did, but eating a meal you prepared yourself can be surprisingly powerful mood-lifter.
Likewise, see if you can set up and maintain a moderate exercise program. It boosts your testosterone levels and your mood. Your increased stamina and decreased abdominal fat will likely improve your bedroom performance, as well.
You should also consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement or two. For managing your mood in a less-damaging fashion, Peace Of Mind might be a viable alternative to both smoking weed and your SSRIs, as it assists with many stress-reduction functions in your body such as liver detoxification and sleeping more deeply. (TRY: Peaceful Mind for Ejaculation Control) Be Firm may help restore your sexual functions by restoring nerve-endings and your sensitivity, as well as improving blood flow. (TRY: Erection Firming Herbal Tincture). Take your time, follow the instructions and let your body repair itself at its own pace. Good luck!

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