The Pain’s the Thing - After He Is In, I Can't Orgasm

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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Women's Intercourse Pain Causes: vaginal abrasion Age: 18 - 35

A young wife wonders why she can’t enjoy sex with her husband. She finds pleasure in oral and manual masturbation, but can’t stand penetration. What can be done to help her love her marital duties?

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My husband and I have sex every other day. I can orgasm during masturbation, and oral, but even with that it's painful to let him in, which generally takes a few minutes. After he is in, I can't orgasm, it feels good but after the pain it kills the mood for me. Yet the next day I’m horny again. We use lubrication and it still doesn't help. I want to be able to let him in without pain and be able to be ready as quick as he is. Help me please!!


It’s horrible that you can’t find pleasure with your husband! Did you know it takes women 20 minutes of thinking about sex to become fully aroused and ready to begin intercourse? That’s something to remember whenever you think you take too long to be ready for sex with your husband.

Other than that, I fear that constantly abrading your delicate vaginal tissue has resulted in your body over-releasing the lipid compound prostaglandin E2, which has consequently caused you to have continuing pain upon penetration. Because you do experience pleasure with your husband during other pursuits, naturally you will continue to be aroused and ready for more sex. However, I caution you about continuing to engage in intercourse the way you do now. 

A Painful Presence
Prostaglandin E2 is both a lipid compound and a hormone that is known as pro-inflammatory, meaning it produces swelling, redness, and pain. It is formed by a chemical reaction at the site where the abrasion takes place, in contrast to other hormones, which are released from specific glands.

The inflammation and blood clotting that prostaglandin E2 causes is meant to be beneficial to the body—however, in the end it just results in pain for the person involved. Prostaglandins are helpful in the short term, in response to a stubbed toe or scraped elbow; unfortunately, long-term prostaglandin exposure can lead to real issues. 
Scar Tissue Issues
Because prostaglandin E2, and other prostaglandins, promote inflammation, scar tissue can ultimately form at the site of continued abrasion. The scar tissue that forms is then another factor of pain when it is rubbed and irritated, in turn creating more prostaglandins, and more scar tissue.

It’s an ugly cycle of pain, pain, and pain that won’t get any better so long as you continue to aggravate your delicate reproductive area with continued penetration.
Stop Cold Turkey
You must begin to treat the source of your pain—the excess prostaglandins. As they are the result of continued attention to your vaginal area, it would be best to try to enjoy sex without vaginal penetration for a while. I recommend an herbal formula (SEE: Herbal Tincture For Intercourse Pain) created to heal excess scar tissue and remove inflammation. Take an entire course of the formula, then begin vaginal penetration again.

Every time you plan on engaging in vaginal intercourse, take aspirin, or a pain reliever with the same chemical structure. Aspirin bonds onto prostaglandins, making it impossible for them to link up to their chemical receptors. This will prevent further scarring and inflammation, as well as relieving you of pain during intercourse. I hope you find full sexual satisfaction in your marriage very soon!

What to do

Herbal Tincture For Intercourse Pain

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Adele Y posted on Tue, 05/27/2014 - 15:42
My opinion is that because of having sex on a daily basis you have chaffed your vagina and the vulva. This basically damaged the vagina and because of this it has made sex painful. Continously chaffing the vagina and vulva.
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Sunny Peak posted on Tue, 05/27/2014 - 14:46
I think the reason that the penetration is painful is because you are struggling from excessive vaginal abrasions that are possibly caused by tissue and nerve inflammation.
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