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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Pain from Pleasure – The Consequences of Compulsive Masturbation

Hear the compelling story of a regular guy who sometimes masturbates five times in a night...without any satisfaction. How can this happen? Get the facts, and see what you can do if you've suffered the painful consequences of over-masturbation.

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I am the atypical male. I masturbate multiple times a day, often as many as five times a night. Even after I ejaculate, I still desire sex. Most men—at least the ones I have spoken too—tend to feel satisfaction after an ejaculation. Most need a small respite before engaging in sex again. I am not most. No, I invariably desire sex. I dream about sex non-stop. I lust for sex even at the sight of a woman. I even watch television and I get the urge to masturbate.
Now, it seems my incessant lust for masturbation has ruined my health. I no longer enjoy sex as much as I used to. I feel pain in my testicles, penis and lower back. Even my hands, neck and knees feel inflamed. My vision is plagued by lots assaults of eye floaters, while my sex life is in a horror state. My lack of sexual desires continue to anger my girlfriend. She continues to ask me for sex, and I continue to stall her hints. If my sex life does not see a return, I think she will leave me.


Intensive Care for Your Penis
When I was a kid, I was hooked on the Space Mountain ride at Disneyland. Nothing gave me a greater rush. But when I got older, I discovered that Space Mountain no longer did it for me. The ride that once caused me to shake with excitement now caused me to yawn with boredom. Perhaps it was because I had ridden the coaster about 10,000 times. The rush was gone. Believe it or not, masturbation is not unlike a roller coaster.
Constant climaxing isn't much fun if it isn't accompanied by that indescribable release of satisfaction and relaxation. In this case, it sounds like your cause and effect may be one and the same. You masturbate excessively because you can't achieve that mind-blowing orgasm, and your orgasms are weak because you masturbate constantly. Additionally, you're suffering a wealth of other painful side effects. Solution? It's time to get off the roller coaster for a while. Based on what you described, you are suffering from Addictive Stage of Sexual Exhaustion.
Why Your Genitals Feel Like They've Been in a UFC Fight
Pain in the penis and testicles is often the result of sexual exhaustion, which of course is a key side effect of over-masturbation. Not only that, but you're depleting important hormones and chemicals like serotonin, HGH, DHEA, acetylcholine and melatonin.

When these chemicals are out of balance, the sexual side effects can be pretty severe, as you've already noticed. From physical sensations like sore testicles, to visual anomalies like eye floaters, an imbalance of hormones can have a massive chain reaction of effects.
In addition to taking a break from masturbating, you can also reverse some of the damage using a botanical remedy that includes key herbs to restore your depleted reserves. Remember, the roller coaster loses its impact if you get right back in line. If you really want to feel amazing, practice self-love in moderation.

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Herbal Remedy For Sexual Exhaustion & Dysfunction

Sexual exhaustion caused by over masturbation or ejaculation resulted in devastating effect of chronic overexposure of cortisol. Prolonged cortisol elevations result in suppression of immune system, sustained elevations of blood sugar, substantial... Read more
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