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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Over Shooting Costs More Than Ammunition

A veteran masturbator has started feeling unusual pains, trouble thinking clearly, and his vision is getting worse. What's going on? Read on to see what's wrong, and what you might be able to do if you're experiencing the same problems.

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I've been masturbating since I was 20, sometimes once or twice a day and some others once a week, and some once or twice a month. The last two years I have felt pain above my penile near the lower abdominal area, pains in the testicles, got a curve in my penis lately, dead mind, and blurry sight after doing that. If I quit this destruction (masturbation), will that be helpful to recover my power?


Cavemen would have wanted an unlimited supply of rocks to fling at each other, or at the animals they wanted for their next meal. Archers wanted an ever-full quiver of arrows. And every gun-nut who ever touched a trigger would love to never have to reload. Many anthropologists and psychologists agree that these legends stem from the apparently bottomless well of semen men produce during their lives. “I never have to reload my penis!” the tiny voice grunts from the bottom of guys' minds. “Why can't I have a weapon that never runs out?”
Infinite Ammo…Doesn't Exist
The problem is that we do, in fact, have to “reload” the scrotum and the other organs that generate semen, as well as the other hormones that produce the good feelings we get from orgasms. The process of reloading your genitals is known by the technical term “ingestion” and more commonly as “eating”. Ejaculation may only produce a small volume of seminal fluid, but that's still biological mass you're losing. And that's just what you can see; your body also burns up various nutrients to fuel the biochemical processes inside you, which in turn produces waste products as well as wear and tear on your internal organs.
Much like your health-care provider would advise you to eat iron-rich foods like liver, turkey or spinach after you lose a lot of blood; you need to eat lots of other foods to replenish the nutrients you expend from ejaculations and orgasms.
What's In It?
Your semen consists of a rich and varied stew of substances. Aside from the actual sperm-cells, there are all kinds of acids, proteins, hormones and other chemicals that either support your sperm on their desperate journey to the woman's egg-cell or affect the environment within the uterus. Even if you don't intend to impregnate your partner, or whether you have a sexual partner at all, your body will continue to manufacture all of these substances as part of the “recipe” for semen encoded into your fundamental DNA.
Similarly, your elevated mood is caused by fluctuations of various hormones in your bloodstream. Almost any activity you can name comes about through adjusting the chemical and hormonal balance in your body. And, like ejaculation, when you dump proportionately large amounts of these chemicals and hormones into your bloodstream, you deplete your body's on-board supply for everything else those substances might have been used for.
Where Does It Come From?
Your body uses the same stuff for many different things. Testosterone, for example, not only regulates your mood, but in the supercharged form of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) it regulates your hair growth. Your body can handle reasonable expenditures of these substances if you give yourself time to replenish them, and if you eat enough of the right foods to provide the raw materials to build them. But if you do neither of these things, then the body has to shift the supplies from other areas, such as your eyes and your brain. It's a lot like how you might have to choose between eating a rich, expensive meal... or buying ingredients from the farmer's market for meals you cook yourself and paying your phone bill this month.
Bringing It All Together
Short answer: Yes, decreasing your masturbation or stopping altogether will help your body recover from these problems.
Longer answer: If all you do is stop masturbating but maintain all your other habits (diet choices, exercise levels, sleep patterns, and so on) your body will eventually recover. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Sexual Exhaustion) But it will take a long time. You can speed your recovery by improving your diet and adopting a suitable exercise regimen, both under the guidance of your health-care provider. While you do that, you should consider an herbal supplement designed specifically to assist your body in restoring your body to a healthy condition.

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