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After years of sex, multiple times each day, he's feeling less interested in sex. He's still in love with his wife and still finds her attractive, but when she takes him to bed, he's more likely to fall asleep than have sex. What's going on? Can he fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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I have been having a really big problem with my sex drive lately. I am only 28 years old and married. Before, we would have sex 2-3 times a day and this was fairly common. Within the last year I have noticed that my sex drive just plummeted and it is almost like I don't have a sex drive at all. Sometimes when my wife seems like she wants to have sex I find myself rather wanting to fall asleep than anything. I am really attracted to my wife, she is my one and only. How can I fix my sex drive problem? I want to be able to please as much as before.


A healthy male, married to a beautiful and sexy wife, should be able to perform sexually whenever she wants it. And he can... except that he, himself, has lost the burning need for it. Loss of sex-drive is actually not that uncommon, but some might see it as even more “shameful” than erectile dysfunction. Let’s take a look at how your sex drive works to better understand how the system might be breaking down, and then how we might be able to fix it.
Fuel For The Fire Down Below
You may know that testosterone fuels aggressive behavior, and you might have heard that lack of it can lead to hair loss. Both of these statements are true, to a point; scientific studies show a correlation between a slightly-higher-than-average testosterone level and improved cardiovascular health, reduced obesity, and general perception of better state of health. (To be fair, having more testosterone than you need also tends to go hand-in-hand with a tendency to smoke, drink alcohol to excess and acquire sexually transmitted diseases.)
But testosterone also has many other important functions, such as literally fuelling your sex drive and erections. Your enviably active sex life over the past few years may have depleted your testosterone supplies faster than your body can replenish them. Add in other unhealthy habits like insufficient sleep, poor diet, lack of exercise and a buildup of body fat, and your testosterone levels may have fallen to critically low levels.
Burning Questions
The amount of testosterone you have circulating through your body at any given time depends on many things. The most important factors are how much of the stuff you’re producing at any given moment, and how much of it is being converted into other things like dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or estradiol (which is essentially estrogen) as part of the body’s system for metabolizing the stuff. Each of these compounds, and more besides them, are necessary to keep your body functioning, but your optimal health depends on keeping them all in balanced proportions.
Stoking The Furnace
You have several options for tackling the problem of your decreased supply of testosterone. One part of the process is to cut down on the activities that burn it up; in other words, go on a complete sex-fast for about three weeks or so to let your body restore its testosterone- production facilities.
While you’re waiting for these glands to heal, consider your diet. Repairing damaged tissue requires a lot of nutrients, but zinc and B-vitamins top the list. Properly-prepared oysters are a rich source of both, which is the basis of their reputation as an aphrodisiac (actually, they just help both sexes recover from sex, and prepare better for the next session); crab and lobster offer them, as well. Alternately, lean red meats and toasted wheat germ will give you a good start on zinc. A wide selection of leafy green vegetables and beans provide most of your B-vitamin needs, with eggs and dairy filling in the gaps; cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower reduce the body’s inclination to turn testosterone into estradiol, leaving more of what you have for other purposes. Do your own research and you may find some new favorite foods.
A moderate exercise program helps, too. Self-confidence, self-discipline and slimming the waistline can only assist in your performance in the bedroom, as well as improving your general health.
You should consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement, designed specifically to help boost your sex drive. (TRY: Pfaffia Suma for Increased Sex Drive) Tradition holds that it offers a wide array of benefits; because it treats so many medical problems, it is sometimes called “South America’s answer to ginseng”.
Remember to keep your health-care provider informed about your symptoms, as well as the solution(s) you’re pursuing to address them. An expert’s opinion on your progress helps you make informed decisions on any adjustments you may need to make, and will help you achieve the results you desire safely and quickly. Good luck!

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