“Ouch!” When Pumping Goes Wrong – Softness Caused by Penis Pumps

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This case study is interesting in that it involves a man who has been using a penis pump and vacuuming blood into his penis; now he has a soft member and can’t get things fully going in the bedroom with his partner. How can he overcome this?

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I have a very typical problem. I am a 28 yr. old male. I pump quite regularly. During pumping, I maintain an average pressure, give breaks every 30 minutes, and don’t get carried away. I reach very impressive erections and size during my pumping phases. However, during lovemaking, or, when I am away from my fiancé and I masturbate myself (I am steady with her and strictly practice monogamy), my erection is not always super-hard as it is during pumping. Once in a while it does get very hard, but most of the time it is semi-hard even after excitation. I can stay a long time alright, however, can’t excite my fiancé to the maximum possible extent, and also, cannot have very powerful ejaculations. Because the penis never gets rock-hard, the ejaculate oozes out, rather than being shot out. I have sex or masturbate about twice a day on an average.


Penis pumps have been around for quite some time, and they have invariably left many a broken penis in their wake. Many men, driven to desperation with the hopes of extending their penile size, have resorted to such measures as undergoing painful and potentially devastating surgeries, bizarre and hazardous penis weight lifting programs, and of course penis pumps.
Too Much Suction Sucks
According to PumpyDingDong.com, many men, upon receiving their penis pumps in the mail, rabidly rip off the packaging and get to pumpin’ without even consulting the instruction booklet, which contains all of the warnings on misuse. These devices literally vacuum your local blood supply into your penis and engorge unnaturally it with blood. This process might appear to have the effect of increasing your penis size, but in reality you are setting yourself up for some potentially severe injuries and issues.
When the penis pump vacuum sucks all of that blood into your penis it also draws in lymphatic fluid, a watery substance that is normally used for your immune system functions. If this lymphatic fluid is not dealt with and disbursed, it can collect in the penis and cause it to swell up. After a while, this fluid can cause your penis to feel soft and sponge-like. In addition to this, the harmful act of vacuuming blood into your penis causes the sensitive and delicate nerves and fibers in your corpus cavernosum (the soft spongy tissue within your penis chambers) to rupture and distort.
Not surprisingly, these two factors are the underlying causes that contribute to having not only a soft erection, but something that looks like the mighty God of Thunder, Thor, whacked with his hammer a few too many times.  To top things off you are over masturbating which is not allowing your body to repair the damaged nerve endings and soft tissues within your penis, further exacerbating your problems. So how do you get out of this dangerous cycle?
Say No to the Pump and Yes to Firm Erections
You might want to try lying off the penis pump and go to a gym and pump some iron instead. Getting involved in some rigorous physical activity besides abusing Mr. Happy down there can help to mitigate all of that sexual energy that you have as you take a break from not only penis pumping, but masturbation as well for a few weeks.
If you want to get serious and takes things to the next level with regards to healing yourself, consider taking a natural botanical formula. (TRY: Penis Injury Weak Erection Restoring Formula) These powerful mixtures can not only aid in scar tissue removal and nerve repair, but they also contain special properties which promote nitric oxide production and other growth factors; leading to firmer erections.
So put that penis pump back in its box and use it for something more useful, such as a door stop.

What to do

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