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By Chris Scalise Conditions: Men's Low Sex Drive Causes: low testosterone Symptoms: male orgasm disorder Age: 18 - 35

The sex is great, but you just can't climax, despite your best efforts. What's going on here? Learn about one guy's frustrating problem, and see what you can do.

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I view my sex life similar to a cheap porno: filled with cheesy sayings, eccentric positions, and plenty of moaning and groaning. And like any 35-year-old bachelor, I enjoy my sex life. Except as of lately, I feel as if sex no longer appeals to me. Sure my partners get excited (or they’re some hella good actors), but I can’t seem to “finish the job.”
I try all kinds of positions. From the “fresh lotus” position to the “secured blossom,” each brings me pleasure, but no climax. My partners love my endurance. They proclaim me to be some kind of sex god, but really, I just want to finish the act to release my sexual energy. Please tell me what’s wrong with me! .


Some would say that limitlesss sexual endurance is a gift, but you know better than that. Sex without an orgasm is like a cake without frosting, a sporting event without a winner, a joke without a punchline. But it's actually worse, because if a joke has no punchline, at least you can still go home and have an orgasm.

Your condition is known as Male Orgasmic Disorder; it's an extremely common affliction, but you wouldn't know it, because who would ever want to admit having it (oh, right, sorry)? There are many possible causes, but Male Orgasmic Disorder is commonly characterized by an inability to climax during sex. 

The Lights are On, But Nobody's Home 
Unfortunately, you can try all the sexual techniques you want, and it's not going to solve your problem. The problem lies under the hood. In some cases, the condition can be psychological (have you been under a lot of stress? Or perhaps feeling a sense of guilt or inadequacy from all of your sexual escapades?). If the problem isn't psychological, it's physical. Most commonly, Male Orgasmic Disorder comes as a result of low testosterone. Assuming you haven't undergone prostate surgery or experienced a traumatic penis injury, that's most likely what we're looking at here. But what would cause testosterone levels to diminish at such a young age? 
Low Testosterone – Not Simply an Octogenarian Issue 
At age 30, your testosterone starts to decline naturally. However, the fact that you're suffering from an inability to achieve orgasm at only 35 years old suggests that there is a lot more going on than a natural decline in production.

Do you drink heavily? Do you take drugs? Do you masturbate frequently? These issues can all contribute to the problem of Male Orgasmic Disorder brought on by low testosterone. So start off by conducting an honest personal assessment, and determine whether there are some areas of your life that might need a health adjustment. 

A lot of guys are surprised to learn that even masturbation can be harmful in large doses, especially if you're already getting plenty of sex. Every orgasm that you have depletes your testosterone reserves, but if you're absolutely unable to achieve an orgasm (even on your own), and you don't use any dangerous substances, you may just be one of the unlucky few who experiences an unprecedented natural drop in testosterone at an early age. It sucks, but it happens. The good news is, you don't have to just accept it. 

When all Else Fails
If testosterone doesn't come naturally, then it's time to naturally produce testosterone. There are certain herbs, like Cistanche, Epimedium, Mucuna Pruiens, and Morinda Officinalis, which promote improved sexual function and increased testosterone Try an herbal remedy containing these and similar ingredients. [SEE MORE: Orgasm Disorder Herbal Remedy For Men

You should start to find your sexual encounters much more enjoyable, which, incidentally, may make the experience far less enjoyable for your partner, as you can no longer hold out for hours without climaxing. Hey, you can't win them all. 

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