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One Man’s Masturbation Confession: He Engages Two or Three Times a Day and Now Suffers Premature Ejaculation

Since his divorce, this man has become accustomed to routine masturbation. He uses it to ease stress and alleviate his sexual urges. But the price to pay for so much pleasure is premature ejaculation. He’s trained himself to come quickly, and now he can’t turn off this urge when he has sex.

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I am a 55-year old divorced man who likes to masturbate. Since my divorce a year ago, I’ve started jacking off two or three times a day. It is the magic cure for stress, and I’m horny all the time. However, I might have done something to my body with all this feel-good release; I recently made love to a woman and came before I even knew it. We tried again for round two, and the same thing happened. I hate to say this, but I think I’ve got a case of premature ejaculation.


Masturbation is all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. In this case, you’re the one who’s hurt. It’s possible that because you were making love for the first time in a while, you became over anxious and couldn’t stop yourself from coming. But more likely rigorous and frequent self-pleasure has trained you to ejaculate quickly. Don’t worry, we have a remedy – but you might want to take care with masturbation in the future.
A History of Uncontrollable Urges
Each man always thinks he’s the first to suffer premature ejaculation (PE), but history shows this condition is almost as old as time. Ancient Greeks make mention of it in their writings, and in the late 19th century, PE officially made its way into medical journals. This marked the time when PE became recognized as a medical disorder. In the early 20th century, doctors perceived PE as a problem in the mind. It was therefore treated with classic psychoanalysis.
In subsequent years, doctors blamed PE on the physical structure of a man’s penis. Treatment included silver nitrate and electrocautery. Because silver nitrate is poisonous, it burns the skin. Electrocautery can similarly bruise or burn skin. Thankfully, treatments today are much less invasive.

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Too Much Is Too Much
It wasn’t until the 1990s that sexologists started to see PE might as a learned behavior. Many men have performance anxiety when it comes to making love. Many others masturbate and, rather than take their time, rush to orgasm. Either or both of these activities can create a learned behavior in which men move rapidly during sex and come in just moments.
Where masturbation is concerned, men have what is known as a fast-track orgasm. This doesn’t involve thought, emotion or worry. It is a means to achieve one goal: orgasm. Because of this, masturbation can become an addiction. The trade-off to all those easy orgasms is a frame of mind that doesn’t change when you have sex. You still want to come quickly and effortlessly.
A Few Other Factors
You also need to know some sexual positions trigger premature ejaculation. At the top of this list is the missionary position, which in the United States is also the most common. It forces men to tense their muscles as they support themselves, and the brain seeks to release this tension through orgasm.
Also remember that as you age, penis muscles can lose strength, meaning they lose endurance. Amp up both during masturbation. We’re not talking about the sessions where you aggressively rub yourself and come in two minutes flat. What we mean is focusing on the sensations of masturbation and training yourself to resist the urge to come. Use the stop-start method and bring yourself to the brink of orgasm then stop. Repeat three times until you finally give in.
Sip Your Way to Health
Rest assured you’re not alone in correcting PE. The aid of an herbal tincture will bring relief more quickly than endurance practice, and the health benefits yielded by this drink include improved sensation during sex as well as liver and kidney detoxification. (TRY: Herbal Tincture for Ejaculation Control) Your entire system will feel rejuvenated.
Herbal tinctures combine a variety of herbs with alcohol to create a potent, nourishing drink you make yourself. Keep in mind these drinks are akin to medicine – you need to follow instructions carefully when mixing and drinking tinctures. Their use throughout history proves they have healing powers. Your proof will come in the form of renewed sexuality and more pleasure than you can handle in the bedroom – sustained pleasure that peaks when you want.

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