One Husband, One Wife, Three Kids and No Pleasure: When Vaginal Looseness Ruins Intimacy

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After having three children, she’s lost her former vaginal tightness. The implications on her marriage are clear: he’s been patient but now wants a resolution. She wants the same – sex isn’t pleasurable because she can’t feel him.

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I have a really loose vagina, even for my husband who is well-endowed. I can barely feel him inside of me when we make love. I have tried many exercises to strengthen my vagina, but nothing seems to work. Is there anything I can do about this? I really can’t afford surgery, and I am afraid of losing him. He has been very understanding for a long time, but he is definitely getting fed up. We have only been married for one year, and I had three children before we met. Please suggest any remedy you think will help.


More women than not complain of a loose vagina. This term actually refers to vaginal walls, which are designed to stretch and contract during sex and childbirth. You can think of these walls as forming accordion-like pleats when relaxed. When the time comes for them to stretch, the pleats unfold and the vagina expands. After, they contract to normal and the vagina resumes its shape.

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Your Pelvic Floor, Muscle Strength and Childbirth
It’s important to understand these muscles are different from those of the pelvic floor. The Mayo Clinic describes pelvic floor muscles as those that support the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum. In contrast to vaginal muscles, those of the pelvic floor never rest – if they did, you would be completely incontinent.
While exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic floor are generally recommended for men and women alike, your problem is not with strength. Your condition is instead a result of the vaginal walls being overstretched. During childbirth, muscles naturally expand to accommodate the baby. After just one delivery, and as time goes by, the muscles return to almost normal.
But multiple births stretch the muscles until they are fatigued. Consider what happens to a rubber band after it’s repeatedly stretched. The band starts fresh and tight, but it eventually expands beyond its original size and loses elasticity. This same phenomenon is responsible for your loose vagina. You can no longer grip your husband’s penis because your muscles are stretched.
Kegel exercises and other similar activities probably won’t harm your health - they can help combat against fecal and urinary incontinence. But again, don’t expect them to offer much in the way of tightening your vagina. They probably won’t improve intimacy between you and your husband either.
Implications of a Loose Vagina in the Bedroom
You complain that you can’t feel your husband’s penis during intercourse, meaning the two of you no longer create the friction so essential to making love. It’s important to mention at this point that in addition to childbirth, age also causes the vagina to become looser. This stems from a decline in hormone levels, which work to maintain a strong and healthy vagina. Thus, the problem you’re facing is one that all women must eventually manage.
Something you can do right now to rekindle passion in the bedroom is try new sexual positions. Missionary style is a common way for men and women to have intercourse, and for some it’s even preferred because couples can look into each other’s’ eyes. But this position opens the vagina to its widest, serving only to enhance your looseness.
A better idea is to try doggie-style. Your vagina is tighter in this position so the sense of friction will be more prominent. But don’t limit your bedroom experiences only to this technique – feel free to experiment and find ways to rekindle the spark. Both of you will need to have patience, but if you work together you can find a way to make sex pleasurable.
Nip this Problem before It Gets Worse
Your concerns over your marriage are well-founded. A lot of couples who can’t get sex right stop trying, and in the meantime lose all sense of intimacy. You can prevent this in your relationship and also improve the health of your vagina with an herbal regeneration formula. (TRY: Natural Formula for Vaginal Looseness Restoration & Detox) Blended with such herbs as Milk Thistle and Guarana, this formula restores spongy vaginal tissues and improves muscle elasticity. It also heightens your sensitivity so your husband’s touch will leave you begging for more.

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