Once Failed, Twice Shy: He Won’t Have Sex with a New Love Interest Because of Erectile Dysfunction

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By Jean Dohm Conditions: Men's Impotence Age: 36 - 55

He’s 50 years old and seems to have a new lease on life with a sexy female friend who’s ready for bed. But he can’t accommodate her wishes because he has erectile dysfunction. He wants to have sex but isn’t willing to risk the embarrassment. As soon as he learns to manage his condition, he’ll hop into bed – but not one minute sooner.

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I turned 50 last month and celebrated by going out with a friend of a friend. We had a great time and have seen each other since. She’s two years older than me but in amazing shape. She has the body of a 20-year old and a sex drive to match. We’ve fooled around a little but haven’t actually gone to bed yet. I keep putting her off because I have erectile dysfunction and don’t know how to manage it. It manages me. I don’t want to lose this woman – we have a great time together, and sex would probably be amazing with her. But neither do I want her to know that I can’t hold an erection.


The inability to sustain an erection always fills men with fear, and it should. This condition has long been considered a natural part of the aging process and, as such, has forced many middle-aged men out of the sexual arena. But men and women alike should be able to enjoy sex well into their 70s or 80s – if they want. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not normal at any age, and no longer do you have to just live with it.
What You Probably Don’t Know
You’re probably very familiar with the word menopause, that time in which female hormone production gradually stops and produces unpleasant symptoms like hot flashes, irritability and memory loss. Men also undergo a drop in hormone production. Unlike women, who experience a dearth in estrogen, men feel the effects of waning testosterone. This male decline is much less abrupt and yields fewer symptoms. In addition, not all men experience a significant loss of testosterone – sometimes those in their 70s have testosterone levels equal to men in their 30s.
We tell you this because andropause – the male equivalent of menopause in which testosterone production tapers off – isn’t always as easy as we just described. It can produce very real symptoms like energy loss, lack of sexual interest and erectile dysfunction. Because andropause starts in the early 50s, it’s entirely possible you’re feeling the effects of rapid drops in testosterone production.

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All Things Testosterone
It doesn’t seem like one chemical should have so much influence on the body, but it does. Testosterone performs a variety of functions, including the development of strong muscles and a deep, manly voice in puberty. It also helps fuel sex drive and penis function in adulthood.
Testosterone production mainly occurs in the testes. Levels are highest until a man reaches 30, at which point production gradually decreases. You already know testosterone production decreases with age but that ED is not a normal component of time. If that’s true, how are these two events linked?
The answer is with dopamine. This powerhouse neurotransmitter provides energy and encourages healthy sexual functions. As testosterone increases, so too does dopamine. Now you see the relationship.
Dopamine provides the sense of fulfillment that accompanies sex. It also reduces levels of prolactin in the body so they don’t become disproportionately high. This is important because prolactin has a reputation for destroying libido, penis health and erections.
We just told you dopamine and testosterone drop and rise together. Hence, an older man undergoing natural declines in testosterone will experience reduced levels of dopamine and higher levels of prolactin. At this point, ED becomes all but inevitable.
The Big Picture
When considering how to combat ED, you must look at the picture of your whole health. We suggest you follow in the footsteps of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and select an herbal remedy made with Cynomorium. (SEE: Cynomorium for Weak Erection Restoration) This peculiar word refers to a plan shaped very much like a penis: it is long and thin with a brown, bulbous head. Its appearance is what drew Chinese healers to Cynomorium in the first place: what better way to treat erectile dysfunction than with a plant that resembles a penis?
The healing benefits of Cynomorium are well-documented and include improved blood flow to the penis. When blended with other herbs in a botanical formula, Cynomorium can also restore balance to hormones and improve penile sensitivity. All of these benefits combine to give men harder, fuller erections that go the distance when making love. You’ll have no problem keeping pace with your adventurous lover.

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